Rinne Toka Interview – I Learned How To Masturbate From “egg”

By tns

She smells of sex, the same proportions as Fujiko Mine, and most of all, is “wild beyond imagination!” She is Rinne Toka!
Don’t miss her new debut for Fitch and Madonna as she will be displaying a whole new side to her. With that, let’s get straight to the interview.

I don’t run because my boobs will droop. When I do, I make sure to secure them.

Rinne Toka (from here on, Rinne): Thank you for having me!

-First of all, I want to know more about your body! Did you know your proportions are just like Fujiko Mine?

Rinne: I knew. She is my favorite anime character and I’ve seen all of the Lupin III movies.

-The video you starred in, 「犯された爆乳女捜査官 拷問輪姦レ●プ 凛音とうか」(S1), had you sporting a body suit that really highlighted your nice curves and it was an exact match to Fujiko Mine. Do you maintain that beautiful body of yours?

Rinne: Maintain…? If I eat too much I just don’t eat the next day. I don’t really limit myself though.

-What about exercising and such?

Rinne: I do Yoga.

-How about going to the gym? Or running?

Rinne: I don’t want my boobs to droop so I don’t run. If I do, I make sure to secure them.

-Ah I see, if you run your boobs will sag. It’s a war against gravity. Girls with big boobs often say to train your muscles, huh?

Rinne: Yeah, it’s true! If I had to train one muscle group, it would have to be the back. The makeup artist told me if I don’t do at least that, my boobs will start sagging and you won’t like it.

-It also seems like there are a lot of Yoga classes geared towards AV Actresses.

Rinne: Hehehe. The body can get really weak (lol).

-I see. So if you work the hips and abductor muscles, you can have sex non-stop so it’s well worth it (lol).

Rinne: Even if you say that, it’s not the only reason why I took up Yoga (lol).

-Are your hobbies travelling and watching sports?

Rinne: You keep changing the subject (lol).

-Are you the type that likes to travel alone or with a friend?

Rinne: I’ve done both.

-Even overseas?

Rinne: Yeah, I’ve traveled abroad by myself.

-How’s your English? Whether it’s during breakfast or when you’re shopping you might need it.

Rinne: If it’s just travelling it’s okay. I can’t speak it at a high level though.

-Where do you go when you travel in Japan?

Rinne: There are 10 prefectures I haven’t been to. I guess I mainly go to places with shrines and temples. Sometime this year I hope to go to all 47 prefectures of Japan.

-I guess that’ll make you a good tour guide?

Rinne: Depending on what areas, I think I can do it.

Rinne Toka

I read “egg” to learn how to masturbate!

-Do you have any recommendations? Please explain as if you were a local.

Rinne: I can’t explain like a local, but I recommend Fukuoka.

-Any recommended foods?

Rinne: Anything…Yakitori, sushi. These are my favorite. Karage too!

-People that like chicken have big breasts, eh?

Rinne: Yeah, I’ve heard. I have a friend that has A-Cup breasts but she “hates” eating chicken (lol).

-Let’s shift to your private life. When was your first kiss?

Rinne: I think when I was in my 2nd year of junior high. It was with the first person I went out with.

-Did you go all the way with him?

Rinne: Yes, my first time was with him.

-Who was the one that confessed? Him? You?

Rinne: Probably him.

-You have a fuzzy memory (lol).

Rinne: I’ve only confessed once in my life. But it wasn’t to him, so I think he confessed first.

-Why were you OK with it?

Rinne: I wonder why.

-I guess I shouldn’t ask (lol). How long did you go out with him?

Rinne: He was older than me so we made out and had sex pretty fast.

-How much older?

Rinne: If I remember correctly, he was 19 or something around that.

-Why was a junior high student and a guy that old dating! Maybe because you were very mature?

Rinne: M…maybe?

-Junior high students usually look like kids don’t they?

Rinne: Yeah, kids.

-But you obviously weren’t a kid (lol). How did you meet him?

Rinne: Where did we meet? It was a friend of a friend. I don’t really remember.

-Did you touch yourself back then?

Rinne: I did. I think my first time was around my first year in Junior High.

-What made you decide to masturbate for the first time?

Rinne: Decide…? I think it was from a magazine I read, “egg,” which was popular back then. (Egg restarted their online version since March 2018: https://eggegg.jp)

-There was stuff about masturbating? I know they had stuff about kissing between couples.

Rinne: There was. They had an explanation and thought “I’ll give it a try.”

-So how was it?

Rinne: It felt good (lol).

-So would you say you got hooked onto masturbating from that?

Rinne: I’m going to start blushing if you ask something like that (lol).

-How often do you masturbate?

Rinne: Everyday.

-You’re addicted to it aren’t you (lol).

Rinne Toka

It was tight with my first partner, but popped my cherry on the second guy

-Since we’re on the subject, let’s move onto your first sexual experience.

Rinne: It was around the end of my 2nd year in junior high. It didn’t hurt. As far as I remember there wasn’t any blood either, but it was quick.

-Since he was older than you was he experienced?

Rinne: I remember him being small (lol).

-When you say small, why do you say so?

Rinne: Since it was my first time, I didn’t know if it was big or small, but with my second guy, I started to bleed. That’s why I think the first guy was small and he wasn’t able to pop my cherry.

-Stuff like that happens doesn’t it (lol). How many people have you experienced since then?

Rinne: I dunno (lol).

-So you don’t count (lol). After about how many did you stop counting? In the dozens?

Rinne: There was definitely at least 10.

-How many boyfriends have you had?

Rinne: More than 10 as well.

-Then fuck buddys (lol). Have you had experience with anyone that wasn’t a boyfriend?

Rinne: I have. But after my second, I don’t really remember (lol).

-You don’t remember your sex partners but do you have any memorable sexual experiences?

Rinne: Memorable…Memorable…When there were people in the room.

-There were multiple people in the room?

Rinne: Yes. There were boys and girls. After flirting we went straight to sex (lol). My heart was really pounding.

-Did you stop yourself from screaming? Like having your boyfriend cover your mouth?

Rinne: It was fine…I think. He didn’t cover my mouth? I don’t think?

-Have you ever done it in public?

Rinne: At the park.

-What about around the train station?

Rinne: I’ve done it in the station’s bathroom.

-The more I ask the more intense it gets (lol). How about between two buildings?

Rinne: That I haven’t! (Not answering right away). Everything else has just been normal. Does it count if it’s in a car?

-Yes it does.

Rinne: Then that too.

-Since we’re talking about cars, do you like dating?

Rinne? Dating? Dating…Dating…

-Why did you suddenly freeze up? This is just like a conversation out of a manga. Do you like flirting or do you like “date” sex, which one?

Rinne: Probably date sex (lol). Being with someone for a long time is difficult (lol).

-It’s hard to date you. Someone will take you out to some place romantic but you won't be all that interested(lol).

Rinne: If you said “let’s go to a shrine” then I think my tension will go up (lol). Or if you said “let’s go overseas.”

-Isn’t that only because he will have money to go travelling? And plus going to “shrines” is just your hobby (lol).

Rinne: Hehehehe (lol)

-You’re an expensive girl (lol)

Rinne: (Silent)

-You just made a scary face so let’s change the topic (lol).

Rinne: It’s fine (lol). But regarding dating my memory is fuzzy (lol).


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