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Tokyo Red Light districts are located around major shopping and business hubs that are easily accessible by the cities major public transport system. These areas are littered with Japanese and foreign street touts so be extra cautious when prowling these areas at night.

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Top Soapland Destinations in Japan



Located in Tokyo’s Taito district, Yoshiwara is Japan’s biggest Soapland district.



Horinouchi in Kawasaki is one of the biggest Soapland districts in Japan, and the originators of the nuru nuru massage.



Omiya is Saitama’s go-to Soapland district.



Known for its snow resorts, Susukino is Hokkaido’s huge Soapland district – one of the biggest in Japan.



Said to be the successor of Yoshiwara, Fukuhara is home to a wealth of fetish Soaplands.



One of the top players in the Soapland community, with great services, prices, and girls!


Hokkaido is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Japan, with a lot of snow resorts, ideal for skiing. Susukino, Hokkaido’s red light district is filled with Soaplands, escorts, and a whole lot of adult entertainment.


Northeast region of Japan, the area consists of: Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata.


Bordering Tokyo, Saitama is primarily a residential area, with many commuting to Tokyo for work. Although not a tourist destination, it boasts a huge Soapland district in Omiya.


No need to look for street hookers, as Tokyo red light districts are home to a plethora of escort agencies, including big districts such as Yoshiwara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Roppongi, Shinagawa and more.


If you’re flying into Narita Airport itching for a quicky, then you will have to use an escort agency in Chiba if you can’t make your way out to Tokyo.


Known for being strict with gaijins, there are still some hidden gemstones that are foreigner friendly in Kawasaki’s red light district, Horinouchi.


If you are on business in the Kanto region and not in Tokyo, you are likely out there in Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city and ever growing sex destination.


Not well known to foreigners, Shizuoka is the premiere place to check out views of Mt. Fuji. After a day of sightseeing, explore the sex shops the area has to offer.


Located in Aichi prefecture, Nagoya is the 4th most populated city with a lot of foreign inhabitants. Finding a foreigner friendly escort agency in Nagoya may be difficult, but we got you covered.


Known for its history, there are countless temples and shrines in Kyoto. Because of their old way of thinking, there are only a few foreigner friendly escort agencies in Kyoto.


Japan’s second largest metropolitan area right after Tokyo. It can be argued that Osaka is a better place to go punting than it is in Tokyo. Due to a lot of rogue operators out in the region and endless crackdowns, you won’t find any Soaplands in Osaka and will have to turn to escort agencies to fulfill your needs.


Located in Hyogo prefecture, Fukuhara is said to one day over run Yoshiwara. There are a large number of Soaplands in the area, with many of them being foreigner friendly. Access to Fukuhara is easy as it is close to Kobe Station!


Among prostitution customers, the word is spreading that something unique is going on within the confines of Hiroshima’s Soaplands.


One of Kyushu’s most vibrant cities. Because Fukuoka is so close to Asia, you will see a lot of foreigners from places like Korea or China. For this very reason, you will find a lot of foreigner friendly Soaplands in one of Japan’s biggest red light districts.


Famous for its hot springs and castle, Kumamoto also boasts a large Soapland district, many of which are foreigner friendly.


With consistent subtropical climate and surrounded by beautiful seas, the islands are considered one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. With A US military base in Okinawa, you will find a lot of foreigners looming the islands with many unique sex shops open to foreigners.


Other regions of Japan where red light districts aren't as prominent.

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