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Mostly due to the climate of the AV industry, you can see some of your favorite stars doubling up in some other kind of gig. It could be idoling for powerhouses like Ebisu Muscats or Marshmallow 3D or doing some other sex related work such as working at a a Soapland or escorting.

Tokyo Night Style got an exclusive interview with an AV idol that has flourished in the industry for nearly 7 years and has started her 2nd career as a DJ. With her fame Hamasaki Mao’s name should easily ring a bell among AV fans. This interview was conducted in Japanese and later translated into English.

genius tokyo

We would also like to give a shout out to Genius Tokyo for allowing us to use their venue to conduct our interview. Genius Tokyo is one of the most popping clubs in all of Tokyo, situated in the fashionable district, Ginza

The venue itself is very slick and vibrant, with multiple floors to enjoy your time. For pricing check out their website for more details.

Can you introduce yourself to your foreign fans.

I’m Hamasaki Mao and work as an AV actress and have recently started DJing!

You have been getting really popular abroad, what countries have you been to?

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia.

So mainly Asian countries?


Of all the countries you’ve been to, what’s your favorite?

I loved all of them!

DJ Mao Hamasaki

Are there any countries that you want to go to?

Countries I want to go to? Well, I’ve been to a lot of Asian countries so I want to go to somewhere like America. Just anywhere I haven’t been to yet.

When did you start AV and why?

I started AV in 2012 and was scouted.

Can you describe your first AV experience? Were you nervous?

Waah…I was super nervous. It was completely different than what I had imagined. I thought it would feel more private and relaxed, but it was all business. For example there were a lot of staff, like the lighting man, sound guy, cameraman, director and a lot of other staff. It was a real serious shoot.

When was your first sexual experience, and how was it?

14. I did it with my senpai at a karaoke, but it would have been better somewhere else, like a boyfriend’s house.

Since being in AV have you been active sexually in your private life?

No, not at all.

What’s your favorite position?


What’s your ideal man?

Ideally he would be the type that takes the lead, is a gentleman and someone that I can look up to and respect.

What about his looks?

The looks and age don’t matter.

You’ve starred in a handful of genres, have you / do you plan to do interracial?

I haven’t done it yet.

What is the most memorable AV video you’ve been in?

It was a pretty hard video to do but there were 102 guys that cummed into a big pot and I had to chug it down. After I drank it I had to puke it back out, and after puking it out I drank it again.

Do you watch your own videos?

Sometimes. I do it to study and become better.

Does your family know about your career?

Yes they do.

When you’re not on set, what do you be doing? What are your hobbies?

I go out with my friends, go drinking, go to the club, watch DJs and….sleep! LOL! I also stay home and listen to a lot of music.

The past year or so you started DJing, can you please tell us about that? There are other actresses that do other side stuff, mainly idoling, but why did you choose DJing?

It’s actually been half a year but I started because I’ve always been interested in DJing. I wanted to have my hand in music and when a real opportunity came I had to take the job seriously. And for the people that like music, it would be cool if I could get them to like AV as well.

…And for people that like AV to get them to enjoy music!

Can you tell us your favorite DJ?

Eh?!?! There’s a lot! But recently I’ve been listening to DJ Trumpet. He’s pretty cool, he plays a trumpet and DJs at the same time.

Do you have a favorite song?

Lol, it depends on my mood but I listen to all sorts of genres.

Do you go to Karaoke?


Where are you from?


Where is your erogenous region?

My neck, ears, lips, and back, hehehe. Actually my whole body LOL. I like getting touched and licked.

What do you like being done to you, and what do you like doing to your partner?

Umm…how do I put this…before we start I like when the guy shows he’s about to start before we start.

What? Lol.

For example I know my partner wants to do stuff, but I like when he shows the signs and creates the mood.

Each guy is different though so it’s exciting to see how he kicks things off.

What other jobs have you done before?

I’ve worked at a factory, ramen shop, and a restaurant. This was all before doing AV.

Can you squirt easily?

Yes, I think so. Once it’s inside it’s really easy for me to squirt.

What are your favorite foods?

I like spicy food, like hot pot or Korean food.

Do you drink?

Yes, I love drinking.

Can you describe your personality?

Personality? Hmm…


Lol, yes, I think so. I’m kind of slow though hehehe.

DJ Mao Hamasaki

Do you like masturbating?

Sometimes after an AV shoot. I think about how the shoot went and try to relive it a second time LOL.

What makes a good AV actor / an AV actor that you want to work with?

Ah! It’s nice if he has technique but pro actors show you love. You can really feel it, it’s in their eyes!

Are there any times you had trouble on set, whether it was with the actor or director?

Hmm…No, not really, lol. Actors probably get a hard time from the director all the time, but actresses not so much.

When was the first time you watched AV?

When I first joined the industry.

Do you like Anime?

I sometimes watch Anime, such as Tokyo Ghoul. I like Kaneki Ken!

Do you play games?

Games? Yeah, Pokemon Go.

I don’t have a TV lol. If I had a TV though I would be totally immersed into video games so I don’t buy a TV. If I bought a TV, I would play games every day and wouldn’t be able to focus on work.

I would be playing Pokemon Let’s go and Smash Bros!

I have Smash Bros.

Ah, I’m so jealous!

If you weren’t doing AV or DJing, what would you be doing?

I’ve always wanted to do something where I could be seen in front of a big crowd, but I don’t really have any talents.

Check out the video interview here!

Interview with DJ Mao Hamasaki [VIDEO VERSION]

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