Sakura Momo Interview – Sexual Experiences Leading Up to AV

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Sakura Momo Long Interview!! (First Half)

sakura momo interview

Sakura Momo
Born: Dec. 03, 1996
Birthplace: Akita
Height: 160 cm
B90 (G) W55 H86
DMM R18 Adult Award 2018 Best Newcomer

-Congratulations on winning the DMM.R18 Adult Award for best newcomer. When you first heard you would be an entree did you feel confident you were going to win?

I’m the type of person who doesn’t have much confidence. Even when I first started this line of work I was a little hesitant, but when I put my foot down and actually started people would support me and say things like “you better not do it half-heartedly. And you should show your fans your appreciation.” It was words like these that helped get me through it all and I had to do my best to win this award to return the favor. I didn’t think of anything but winning so my heart was racing the whole way through. Of course I didn’t win on my own though, it’s all thanks to everybody who supported me.

-Did the idea of getting the award change your way of thinking?

Yes. I’m usually really negative and not the type of person to move forward (LOL). When I heard about the award I started changing the way I think. I wasn’t thinking “I want to win the award,” but rather “I HAVE to win that award.” That’s why I’m really really grateful for all the support and I was able to break through my shell and become more confident in myself.


-The award ceremony was set on a big stage and you were in the limelight.

I don’t really have any experience being on stage and on that day I was so nervous I thought I was going to die. Right when I made my appearance I was thinking if some machine part would fall off and break (LOL).

-You were that nervous, eh? Even so you went up on stage, grabbed the award and made a speech.

I vowed that I would visit all the big cities in Japan and hold signing events. I still haven’t decided the details yet but I also hope to hold some after parties. And instead of doing an event right after the award ceremony, I thought I would spend a long time going around the country month after month and show my gratitude to my fans all over Japan.

-You’re not just going to pass by but spend a long time span in big cities, that’s really something.

I don’t really meet fans from the countryside so I feel that the fans there would like it if I went out to them instead. I hope to have a fun time!

-I’m the type of person who thinks “good think I was supporting you,” and feel really good about it. But after hearing what you said, it feels like you are the one supporting the fans.

But it was everybody working hard supporting me!

-It’s been almost a year since your debut, do you remember your first release?

I couldn’t sleep the day before. The first actor I met was Kuroda Yuto-san and just as I thought, he was really actor-like and kind of intimidating hahahaha. But he was still a pro and I didn’t have to do anything yet still ended up in various positions. My butterflies just kind of went away in the heat of the moment and was able to make the whole shot feel natural.

-Before your debut you didn’t know much about AV did you?

I’ve always been interested in sex but I didn’t know anything about AV.


-What is your experience with men leading up to your debut?

My first experience was at 17 with my senpai in high school. I’ve only had sex with 3 people and since I didn’t have much sexual experiences I used this as my chance to start AV.


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