Mikami Yua Interview – Decision to Be in The Industry

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Mikami Yua Long Interview!! (First Half)

Mikami Yua interview

Mikami Yua
Height: 159 cm / B84(F)W58H88
Twitter: @yua_mikami

○I Want to Be the #1 AV Idol!

-You made your shocking debut in 2015 and have been on top of the industry for 3 years. How do you feel looking back on your career?

Since joining this industry I had already planned out the things I wanted to do and goals I wanted to achieve. As it stands right now, I just want to continue moving forward.

-Nice. At any rate you won the DMM Award in 2016 for best newcomer and the best actress in 2017. You are already at the top.

Actually when I said I had goals I wanted to achieve, what I mean was being number 1 in the adult industry. After winning the best newcomer and best actress I wonder if I really am number 1.

-When you say “I want to be number 1,” did you have that idea when you made your debut?

No. To be honest I was only planning to make one video. I didn’t really consider being a full-fledged AV Idol and was wondering if I was anyone that important, so I was kind of half-in half-out. Then I heard from the maker that the popularity of my video was much bigger than I had thought it would be, and they asked me “why not keep going?” I rejected the idea at first and didn’t have any idea what I would do if I did continue but eventually came to the conclusion that I would “be #1 in the industry” and do my best.

-I think the turning put in your career was between your first and second video 快感 by MUTEKI.

Yeah, when I made my second video I told myself I would go all in. The second video really left a big impression on me.


-As an AV idol you were more self-aware.

At the time I had to do shoots during the winter by the sea. There were a lot of shots like this but my mentality was as long as I get to shoot I am grateful. Even if the job gets tough I found it fun. With that I kind of felt I want to do new videos, even genres I wouldn’t be able to normally do.

-So you’ve decided you’ll do everything. You want your fans to call you “Yuasu,” is that your way of giving fan service?

I started that around my second release and on SNS. The response was bigger than I thought so I was super happy LOL.

○Moving to S1

-Let’s talk about your turning point, your second stint.

My biggest turning point has got to be my move to S1?


-It was “専属NO.1STYLE 三上悠亜エスワンデビュー 電撃移籍4時間×4本番スペシャル.” What was your state of mind?

When I made my debut with MUTEKI I did a few videos and am grateful for the good time I had filming the videos. However, more than having fun doing this job, I wanted to be #1. At S1 there are a lot of big name actresses and I thought it would be a good place to move forward in my career.

-So have your goals have influenced you?

Moving forward I will be doing a lot of harder videos and will have to prepare myself mentally. My fans may not want to see me in a hardcore video but I want to attract a bigger audience.

-How was the actual filming? Was it really hardcore?

Not really. For a 4 hour video there was time to do plenty of things and it was a fun shoot. What I remember most is wearing an outfit from an old idol group. Actually, for my second video we were originally planning to have me wear my idol outfit but since it would have stirred up a lot of criticism we ended up not doing it. But now it’s fine and I was finally able to wear it.

-You were finally able to wear your idol outfit.

I wore it at my “press conference” shoot and when I won the award for best newcomer…I have a lot of memories with that dress!


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