Itou Mayuki – Molested as a Student

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itou mayuki interview

Itou Mayuki chan Long Interview!! (Second Half)

Itou Mayuki
Height: 160 cm
B88 (F) W54 H89
Twitter: @mayukiito

◯A Grand Debut

-What do you remember most about your debut?

They move really fast don’t they. What’s more is the actors junk downstairs is huge and even though I was nervous with the cameras rolling I just got absorbed into it. When everything was said and done I was like, “oh yeah, I forgot we were filming” LOL.

-You’re really selling in Japan aren’t you?

I haven’t seen my video yet. It’s just way to embarrassing and I haven’t even seen the sample.

-Fans are definitely watching your videos especially since shops are holding events for you.

Ahhhh, I’m so embarrassed! I feel happy and grateful when fans say they like my videos but it’s just too embarrassing and I’m not used to it. I can’t even bring myself to tell my fans to “please watch my videos!” Even if you were to ask what the best part of the video is, I wouldn’t know how to respond and just say “the whole thing!” LOL!


◯Molestation and Dirty Talk Just Like a Manga

-In your recent release “痴漢した制服美少女とその後、むさぼり合うようなドエロ純愛,” it was manga themed wasn’t it?

I haven’t done any real drama videos until this one so it was pretty fun. When I was having a meeting about this video I read the original script and thought the heroine was cute. I was a bit nervous if we could make the video exactly like the script, but regardless it was still fun to do. There were a lot of sex scenes, such as doing it all day at home, but I was most turned on from how surreal everything felt.

-Did you have any “manga lines?”

I had to say stuff like “Hya!” and “Ramee!”

-You have to do it right or fans won’t like it.

That’s so true! LOL

-You’re not the type of person who talks much are you?

Not so much. The real me is nothing like the last video.


-Have you been molested before?

It happened quite a few times when I was a student. There was this one time when an old grandpa was touching me real firmly yet his hand was faltering. It was more like he himself was scared…I get the feeling people have taken more peeping tom photos of me more so than molesting me though. I hate molesters but for an AV video like this where everything is overboard it was pretty fun.

-What kind of videos do you want to do moving forward?

I haven’t done any cosplay videos or anything where I’m helping out in the kitchen yet. I’ve always wanted to do a scene out of a manga though and hope to get to do another one. I really just want to be an AV actress that can do it all.

-How would you like to play a perverted mistress?

Aaaahh…It would be embarrassing for me to talk dirty! LOL

-Even if you feel shy getting a fresh look is always good LOL

I’ll do my best!

-Lastly can you give a message to your fans.

Well I really want to do all kinds of genres so I will do my best so you can enjoy my videos. I’m really nervous talking about live events but if we can meet there too I’d be happy (smiling).


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