Onegai Nametakute Gakuen (Kamata Delivery Health Review)

By Splash Man

I like Madanametakute Gakuen who are part of the Nametakute Group (well that’s obvious). This gave me the urge to use one of their sister shops, Onegai Nametakute Gakuen. Everything is more or less the same: the concept, prices, play, etc. with the exception being that Onegai Nametakute Gakuen is based out of Kamata. Kamata borders Kawasaki and is actually filled with a lot of sex shops. For more information you can check out our article, Having Instant Fun With a Former AV Idol.

onegai nametakute gakuen delivery health

The Girl
Physical Appearance
Rie is short with a cute face, and nice little booty and rack. Her boobies hold true to F cups but they are shaped more like squash than melons, with some dark nipples attached to them. She is so cute that she has the “prettiest girl” in school vibe going on.

Rie is polite and likes to talk when she’s not giving lip service. Her personality is genuine, will compliment you and make you feel at home. She is young and down to earth so if you are still in your 20’s or 30’s, finding common interests will be easy.

Rie is an amateur but has the burning desire to learn and improve. Her kisses can be a little reserved, while her blowjob still needs some fine tuning to do. Rie will need to adjust her posture to help aid her suck your cock whole, otherwise you will only be getting licking and slurping rather than a deepthroat. Sumata is done shumata style.

onegai nametakute gakuen delivery health

The Shop
Onegai Nametakute Gakuen is the sister shop of Madanametakute Gakuen and thus has the same services and prices.

The following price list reflects their normal service:
60 Min – 16,000 Yen
75 Min – 20,000 Yen
90 Min – 25,000 Yen
120 Min – 34,000 Yen
180 Min – 54,000 Yen
240 Min – 74,000 Yen
Nomination Fee: 2,000 Yen
Tax: 800 Yen
Note: Transportation fee still applies

Polite staff that is easy to work with, speaking very humbly.

onegai nametakute gakuen delivery health

Play Details
As per their requirements, I had to call the shop up to make a booking. Rie was available at the time I had hoped for, booked a 60 minute course, was asked if I could come out to Kamata and agreed. Like other delivery healths, all I had to do from here was call 1 hour before my appointment to make sure everything was a go.

Escort Arrival
I called the shop twice, one hour before my appointment, and after I got into my hotel. 20 minutes later, Rie arrives at my hotel and I let her in. We have some small talk before I attempt to transition to the play. This prompts her to ask for payment and we begin getting naked.

Rie is pretty upbeat, so she maintained a genuine smile with a lot of giggles throughout our session. She then carried some shop provided soap and mouthwash to the bathroom and into the shower we went.

Shower Time
Inside the shower, we mutually admired each other’s bodies. While I showed my appreciation of her beautiful tits and ass through touch, she complimented my teeth and other body parts.

I was then lightly scrubbed, quick and fast, given mouthwash and gargled. I then got a little peck to my lips and was asked to wait outside as Rie finished up in the shower.

Bed Play
Sooner than later, Rie hopped out of the shower and I helped dry her off. We then went to the bed where I lie on my backside and let Riedo her thing. She gave me a few pecks to my lips as if she was sampling a new flavor of Baskin Robins, and giggled. She then licked my nipples and went to my cock.

The blowjob was quite amateur, with more licking than actual sucking. Due to the way she positioned herself, it was hard for her to put my cock in her mouth but her facial expressions were cute and priceless.

I then went to fingering her to get her into the mood, and even though she was wet, wanted to add more lube. I then took this opportunity to do some sumata and Rie mentioned that she is better on top so I let her have her way. She moved so fast and the pleasure was so good that I busted like a chump ass minute man and rested the remainder of or session.

Personal View / Remarks
Pretty straight forward, Rie is a cute amateur.

onegai nametakute gakuen delivery health

Play Data
Girl: Rie
Shop: Onegai Nametakute Gakuen
Playtime: 60 minutes
Price: 19,800 Yen ($174.37)

Recommended For
-If looks alone is enough to satisfy you
-If you like college students

Not Recommended For
-If your fed up with mediocre Japanese escort services
-If you want to french kiss

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