Mikami Yua Interview - I Want To Be No. 1

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Mikami Yua Interview

Mikami Yua (三上悠亜) made the shocking transformation from member of a nationally loved group to an AV idol. Her sweet pop idol face as she’s getting fucked is absolutely captivating. She reveals more of herself in this hard-hitting interview!

Mikami Yua Interview

I like it when my partner’s enjoying it.


How long has it been since you made your AV debut?

About six months. But there was a big gap between my first and follow-up films so it’s only been ten months since my second release.

Has anything changed?

I don’t think I’ve changed myself...... but I enjoy working more than I did before. I used to love to have fun outside of work, I was the kind of girl who’d rather be having fun than working (lol). I’d worked as an idol since the age of 15, so I never really got the chance to have fun like a normal person. So when I quit working as an idol, I really let loose and I guess I got it out of my system.

How much fun did you have (lol)? Please tell us as much as you can.

I just did normal things (lol). I’d never even walked around outside with a man before, so I went on dates, drank, stuff like that. In the summertime I put on a yukata and went to a fireworks festival and went to the beach, I dressed up for Halloween, hung out with my girlfriends for Christmas... I couldn’t do any of those normal things when I was a pop idol, so I did it all last year.

Mikami Yua Interview
So you were “being human”? 

I’d lived in a really small world, and I’d lost perspective a little, and I think I righted all that. Also, I’m an only child and my mother did everything for me, but I live alone now, so I’ve probably grown up a little. And people come up and talk to me more when I’m out and about now.

As “Mikami Yua”?

Yes. I think the only people who knew me before were pop idol fans. The only place people recognized and approached me was in Nagoya, but a lot more women come up to me now. I always kind of liked being approached, so I’ll shake your hand if you want. Come talk to me if you see me (lol).

It seems like you’re more well-known now.

When I decided to come out as an AV actress, I didn’t want to do anything halfway. I decided that if I’m going to do this, I want to be number one. If there’s a voting competition or something with a clear winner, I don’t ever want to lose. I was a little taken aback that things like that existed in this industry, too (lol).

Mikami Yua Interview
There are the SKY Perfect TV Adult Broadcasting Awards and many other award competitions in the AV industry.

I’ve never been good at competition. I don’t want to be ranked, and I’d rather not participate, because if I do get nominated, that comes with responsibilities and baggage, and I hate to lose, so that might come out......

Are you the type that works hard to avoid the frustration of losing?

I don’t even want to think about losing. But at the last minute, I get all scared, like, “uh oh, what should I do?” I think you have to get over things like that to be number one. You can’t do what you want without winning your way to that position. I’m taking work that I’m offered right now, but someday, I’d like to be someone that can make the things I want to do happen.

Is there anything you want to do in the AV industry?

I’ve still only made about ten films, but I do want to make something good for everyone. Personally, I like pretty films, but even if it’s a little hard, I’ll go as far as I can go with it.

Mikami Yua Interview

The program, “[MUTEKI] From a Beloved Idol Group to Fallen MUTEKI! Number 3! The best 4 Works, Mikami Yua” (Flamingo) will air this month on SKY Perfect TV Adult.

It’s my third film since my debut. It’s got a more grownup feeling to it, and I was asked to show a side of myself wanting to climax, so I’m a little more assertive in this one.

So you don’t mind being assertive?

I don’t (lol). I like being passive, too, but I prefer it when my partner is enjoying it. When the man’s reaction is good, I want to keep going.

Have you grown sexually, as well?

I wasn’t that experienced before, so I’ve learned a lot. Nobody ever taught me before, and there aren’t exactly textbooks on this stuff. But I’ve always been interested in sex, that’s one of the reasons I chose this work, and I do want to improve myself. What can I do to make myself look more sensual, that’s all part of it.

Mikami Yua Interview

You’ve released two photo books, “Here you are” was your first and “Your Angel” was your second. Have you grown in the way you present yourself in those kinds of pictures, too?

I was so fresh and naive in my first photo book. I treated that like a new starting point and really threw myself into it and had some beautiful pictures taken of me. I’d learned more about how to show myself with my second book. I wasn’t as nervous in front of the camera, and my expressions were a lot more natural. I was trying to make the viewer feel as if they were right there with me.

What’s your favorite shot?

I think the one of me in my idol costume dancing and singing on stage have a lot of presence. There’s a back-theme of an angel experiencing all sorts of every day things, and I think you’ll really have fun looking through them if you’re aware of that.

Mikami Yua Interview
How are the Ebisu★Muscats going?

I really respect all the members of the group. I was able to come into this industry because of my name. I’ve never felt like I was anything special, and when people say, “you’re sales are number one” and stuff, I think it’s because of my former idol status, and not on my own merits. But other girls who come into this industry to be actresses have accomplished everything all on their own. I think that’s amazing, and I really respect that.

Do you have an inferiority complex over how you entered this industry?

People will think I’m in an advantageous position. And they’re right in some ways, and wrong in others. It is a little frustrating that people still bring it up. Having a name is a good thing, but it comes with baggage, and there’s a lot of pressure.

I heard that you’re very close to fellow Ebisu★Muscats group mate Momonogi Kana. And you were a guest on the SKY Perfect TV Adult show that she MCs, “MomoSanpo” (Enta! 959)?

Momonogi Kana was the first person to speak to me when I joined Ebisu★Muscats. She’s an idol fan and she knew who I was, and she was so respectful, asking if she could take a picture of me. So I was even more respectful of her, like, “Ms. Momonogi Kana,” and she was like, “don’t call me ‘Ms.” and it got kind of weird (lol).”

Mikami Yua Interview

Maybe she wanted you to call her “Kana” instead of “Ms. Momonogi.”

She asked me to call her “Momo.” My real name’s Momona, and that’s what people have called me too, but I’m sure her real name’s different, plus she’s younger than me but she’s been in this industry longer, so it’s all confusing (lol).

I like it, things went off to a great start! Your show on Enta! 959 with Takahashi Shoko, “SHOW YOUR ROCKETS,” has started, hasn’t it?

I’m the same age as Taka-Sho, and we’re both from Nagoya, so we’ve got a lot in common and she’s really easy to talk to. The show’s just begun, but it looks like the two of us are going to try out lots of different things. Who knows what’s going to happen next (lol).

Mikami Yua Interview
You seem really busy, and your days seem very full.

I feel like I’ve been Mikami Yua for longer than I’ve been anyone else. My friends called me “Yua” for the first time the other day, and it really shocked me. It made me happy that people are calling me by that name in my personal life, but I also felt a lot of responsibility.

You’re getting more and more fans that didn’t know you as a pop idol. They only know you as the AV actress, Mikami Yua.

There are more and more people like that. Some people come up to me at events and say things like, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you when you were an idol” (lol). They don’t need to know me, and they certainly don’t need to apologize. It makes me happy to know that they support me without knowing who I used to be.

Mikami Yua
Born August 16, 1993. Height: 159cm, B83, W57, H88.
Debuted 2015

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