Sakura Momo Interview – I Want To Touch Myself Everyday But…

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Sakura Momo Long Interview!! (Second Half)

sakura momo interview

Sakura Momo
Born: Dec. 03, 1996
Birthplace: Akita
Height: 160 cm
B90 (G) W55 H86
DMM R18 Adult Award 2018 Best Newcomer

-Up until now, what is the most memorable video you’ve been in?

I’m not one to look back at the sex videos I make hahahaha, but the one that stood out the most was “リアルガチファン限定デリバリーセックス.”When you go to a fan’s doorstep you have no idea what kind of person he is, and for someone like me who has never done this “delivery” stuff, it was pretty exciting. It’s the most memorable video I made up until now.

-You don’t know anything about the area and have no clue who the person is, but you were more excited than nervous?

I didn’t feel scared or uneasy at all; it was more thrilling finding out who the person was.

-Just as I thought, you are a positive person.

There was also one where I was on the school stagel and asked “let’s make out.” I had to have sex on top of the desk so it hurt my back which I still remember LOL.

-Is there any kind of sex you want to have in the future?

It doesn’t have to be right away but I want to do an orgy scene. More so than it being hardcore, I just want the whole experience to be surreal.

-So between S and M you don’t take either to the extreme, but keep it level?

Before starting AV I liked going to the extreme. Since I started filming I tried being more tempting, or the type of girl that’s more on the offensive. I try to make it look fun and suitable for my image, but I still like doing it rough.

-Please tell us about your latest release, “絶頂覚醒!”

Well it was a pretty hardcore video and it’s like I’ve been awoken and want fans to see this other side of me. The part where I was getting rammed from behind was crazy and I cummed so hard.

-What’s your favorite position anyway?

I love all of them so I can’t choose. Thanks to this release though I think I’m starting to like standing doggy style.

-And where’s your erogenous zone?

My boobs, pussy, neck and back…

-That’s a lot LOL.

When I’m having sex my whole body is sensitive LOL.

-It must be hard if you’re that sensitive. Do you masturbate?

Recently what I’ve been doing is picturing guys right when they’re about to cum, which really turns me on. To be honest I want to touch myself everyday but if I do, it might interfere with work so I try to refrain from doing it…..

-You’re really keeping it professional aren’t you. Now that you’ve won an award you are now a big hit. Do you feel the name Sakura Momo as an AV actress is different than the real you?

Not at all. If you come to my events, you will meet the real, natural me.

-As an AV actress, do you have any goals moving forward?

Personally if I want to do something, I do it right away. I’m not the one to plan ahead or think too far into the future. It might be one of my shortcomings, but I didn’t even think about winning the best AV newcomer award until the time came. It didn’t cross my mind. If there is something I want to do though, I hope that it would be enough so that when people see my name, they will know right away, “oh! It’s that girl!” In the AV business, there are a ton of girls who all have something they want to achieve. For me, more than anything else, I just want my videos to sell. Having the videos sell is my job and if fans continue to cheer me on and support me, then I will make more videos. I feel grateful towards my fans and If people are spending time and money on me, I have to respond by doing my best.


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