Chulip (Chiba Suck Shop Review)

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Pink Salon review

Shop: Chulip

Shop Type: Pink Salon
Shop Location: Matsudo, Chiba
Price: 30 min./ ¥5,000 (w/ coupon)
Provider: Uru

Pink Salon review

Shop Details:
Chulip is a Pinsaro located near Matsudo station on the Joban line. Chulip offers a young, cute cast of girls in Schoolgirl uniforms. This shop offers BBBJ and I have never been offered to use a condom. As a white foreigner with an intermediate level of Japanese ability, I have always been allowed access here and have never had to wait too long for service.

To access the store from Matsudo station, you exit out the south exit and walk down the stairs. Proceed straight to the first corner and turn right. You will see a 7-Eleven and Bus terminal on your left. Walk past the bus terminal and proceed to the next corner and make a left. You will see the shop on your left next to a popular Ramen shop. Often times the Ramen shop has a line backed up out the building making it awkward to walk past the line and go down stairs to enter the Pinsaro.

Once you enter the shop you will see all the available girls’ pictures on the wall. If they have a gold ribbon on their picture it means they are available, if no ribbon they are unavailable. If you would like to nominate a girl it will cost an extra ¥2,000 (¥1,000 w/ coupon) or you can let them pick for no extra charge. Once you pay, you either sit down in the waiting area or are shown directly to your booth. Before entering, your hands will be sprayed with alcohol and the rules explained to you. Staff will give you a glass of tea and ask you to wait in the booth for your girl. The booths floor and walls are covered in a padded black vinyl like material. The booth itself is small with not much privacy. The floor space of each booth is about 1m wide x 1.5m long and the walls only about 1 meter high. You can totally peek into other booths and see other dudes getting their knobs polished (if you’re into that sorta thing), but I recommend not being so nosy. If you’re shy or get performance anxiety this place is not for you. Another thing to note is that smoking is allowed at this shop and you will leave with your clothes wreaking of cigarette smoke.

Prices at this shop range from:
¥5,500 1pm-6pm
¥6,500 6pm-9pm
¥7,500 9pm-midnight

¥2,000 for nominating a girl
*all prices are for 30 minutes of play time.

Pink Salon review

There is a coupon on the site’s event page for ¥500 yen off if you don’t nominate and ¥1,000 off if you nominate a girl on their wall. I use this coupon every time I go by showing the Tencho the event page on my phone. The photos on the wall are polaroids of the actual girls available.

From my experience, play time will vary depending on the girl. In all of my experiences here the girls have kissed me, been topless and given me a BBBJ. In some of my experiences the girls have stripped down to nothing, mounted me and passionately engaged in heavy DFK. Some will allow fingering and DATY. I have always asked for these ‘extras’ politely and was sometimes told no to which I respected. Some of the BJ techniques are great some are very inexperienced. Usually there is a mix of BJ and handjob and the finish is always CIM. Please don’t push too hard for requests and mess this shop up for Foreigners. Most Pinsaros of this caliber do not allow Foreigners access. So please be respectful and let us all enjoy it.

Play Details with Uru:
Since I didn’t nominate, I didn’t know who to expect to arrive at my booth. After waiting about 5 minutes, I heard Uru’s name announced over the speakers and she arrived for play time. When I first met Uru she seemed a bit cold, not nervous just very unenthusiastic. She was very cute and thin like an AKB girl and she wore a white button up shirt with a plaid skirt like a schoolgirl uniform. She didn’t introduce herself like the other girls I’ve met from this shop, she just came in my booth, sat down and stared at me. I had to initiate the conversation by asking her name, from this point on I could not get her to shut up (until she sucked my dick of course).

With most girls at this shop they do a bit of flirting, maybe take your hand and place it on their inner thigh and have a bit of a warm up chat before service starts. Uru was different, her social skills were slightly odd but also cute in a way that made her seem quite comical to me. A few of her facial expressions and things that she said during our conversation made me laugh, but she did not.

Her quirks were starting to grow on me at this point so I asked her if she would take off her clothes to which she replied, ”Un” but she told me that she couldn’t remove her panties because she was on her period. She removed her top and bra to reveal a very cute 18 year old body with soft milky skin. She was very thin and tight, with just about an A-cup sized chest. Now I’m not personally huge on big tits and ass, so I was actually pleased with Uru’s tight, young body.

After telling her that she had a beautiful body, I asked her for a kiss and this is when she noticed how ‘tall’ my nose is. For the next few minutes we comically shifted the angles of our heads to attempt to kiss without my nose poking her in an awkward way. She was very inexperienced with kissing but tried anyway. She asked me some funny questions after kissing like if I had ever poked a girls eye with my nose while kissing and if my nose was ever hit by a closing door. Uru was clueless as to how to make our encounter sexy, but for some reason at this point I was ok with it.

On to the main event! Uru wiped my member clean with a towel and said, “please tell me if it hurts.”(this had me worried). She went in for the BBBJ and started slowly while licking the tip a few times before attacking my erect penis with piston pumping action as fast as she possibly could. Now I’ve had a lot of BJ’s in my life and none started like this. She sucked with just her lips straight up and down furiously for about 15 seconds and then a fast stroking hand job for 30 seconds or so before switching back to BJ. She continued this alternating between BJ and hand job for the next few minutes until I asked her to slow down.

She slowed down a bit over the next few minutes but seemed quite paranoid as she kept peeking over her shoulder to see if someone was watching her. She also kept stopping to flip her long black hair back out of the way. All these things made it difficult to focus and blow my load, but I was finally almost there and just as I was about to blow I let her know and she abruptly stopped with just her lips attached to the tip of my dick just before I started to cum. I had to grab it myself to pump out the majority of my load into a towel that she was holding in her hand.

We started to clean up and she asked me, “did it hurt?”, as I didn’t want to hurt her feelings I replied with, “it felt great“. After putting our clothes back on Uru left for a minute to write me a message card. She returned with the card to my booth and she told me about her love for karaoke and Michael Jackson before we said our final goodbyes.

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Closing Thoughts:
Uru was a very cute, sweet, unique girl who was very inexperienced. If you are into cute, young, clueless high school type girls then Uru is for you.

The shop is definitely recommended, but I probably wouldn’t nominate Uru when I go back. I’m just glad the BJ didn’t too much.

-Pink Salon that allows Foreigners.
-Cheap / 30 minutes for ¥5,000 (w/ coupon)
-Young cute Highschool type cast

-Inexperienced cast
-High traffic location
-Smoky inside

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