Mikami Yua Interview – Fuzoku

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Mikami Yua interview

Mikami Yua
Height: 159 cm / B84(F)W58H88
Twitter: @yua_mikami

-After your turning point as an AV actress, are there any particular video that come to mind?

Hmm…about that, probably Fuzoku Mansion?


-I believe the title was called “『最高級アイドル風俗マンションへようこそ 三上悠亜の密着性感テクニック150分フルコース.” Anything about the video that made an impression on you?

Actually I shot the video during Christmas. For me personally, shooting during Christmas is something new LOL.

-I’m sure there were a lot of things on your mind during that time, lol.

What’s more is the director had influenza so he couldn’t come to work.

○Taking the Initiative in Fuzoku Mansion!

-The shoot wasn’t canceled?

3 substitute directors were called and had to work in tandem, but they were directors I never worked with before so I had to take the initiative and do my best. To my surprise it went well and I was really high in spirits.

-So it was happening and you got riled up.

Whenever I meet a new director I don’t want them to worry and in the end we were able to make a great video. There were even good reviews about the video so it was all worth it lol.

-The video was centered around Fuzoku, but do you have any interest in fuzoku style play?

I do. I would ask what kind of stuff do men do at a fuzoku?

-So you wanted to make use of your job or were you interested out of pure curiosity?

I was just really curious. You hear a lot of rumors and what not, and I don’t necessarily want to go to a fuzoku but I wanted to see what it’s like lol.

-After becoming an AV actress has anything about you changed? For example your preference in play style?

I used to be passive, and even though I haven’t changed a whole lot, ever since starting AV there are more things I’m trying out and am starting to enjoy being on the offensive more.

-You were able to discover the joy of being aggressive on set. So how about now, would you say you are more S than M?

Maybe. I like seeing a man feeling shy and embarrassed lol.

-Other than that is there anything else that has changed about you?

Since starting this job I’ve gained more confidence in my body.

-What?! I’m surprised you didn’t have confidence in your body from the start?!

I wanted to be thinner so I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in myself, but since appearing in AV I’ve been getting compliments about my body and am more confident in showing myself naked lol.

-Earlier you were talking about goals you set out 3 years ago, but how about now. Do you have any thing you are trying to achieve right now?

Mmm…As far as winning awards I already feel complete, but 3 years in the industry still feels short to me. That’s why when I retire, I want to pass on the baton to somebody else.

-You want to be a legend everyone can talk about 10-20 years down the road.

Yep. One day I want to be that person so I have to do my best right here, right now!


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