Akihabara Massage Shops

By Splash Man

There are a lot of shops out there in Akihabara but not a whole lot of them that do the kind of service we normally review here. This is largely due to the laws in Akihabara to prevent prostitution, so your next best bet is likely in Ueno or Uguisudani. Even if you did find a shop out in Akihabara, it’s hard to tell if they are operating within the law.

For this mini review, we chose not to disclose the name of the shop because we have no way of confirming if the shop has the proper licenses or not. If it doesn’t, the review alone would jeopardize both Tokyo Night Style and the shop.

Akihabara Massage review

As a side note, even if the escort agency you see has “Akihabara” in it, it is more often than not located in Uguisudani.

Anyway, for this review, I called the shop up to book a girl. While they say I can do outcall to any place in Tokyo, they are so insistent that I get a rental room in Akihabara that I feel like they have no means of transporting the girl.

The staff on the phone was nice – I trust him, while the girl showed up a little later than the scheduled time. It was probably because she is just an amateur with a carefree attitude, but she was definitely young and inexperienced. She looked like her pics, but I would say the pics look a bit better. For one thing, her skin tone was a little on the darker side, and she had blemishes on her back.

Akihabara Massage review

Since rental rooms are so small, it was too hard for us to shower together, so we did it separately which in of itself was a big fat L for me.

When we’re both cleaned, I lay back on the bed, and got an unexpected covered blowjob. I mean, I was expecting it to be bareback so that’s two L’s for me.

This kissing was more than lackluster, and my partner was more focused on licking my nipples than giving me intimate DFK.

Akihabara Massage review

We proceeded with me on top doing sumata where my partner squeezed me tight so she wouldn’t have to see my face. Did a little cowgirl sumata and busted my load.

The whole session ended much faster than I had wanted, and with the remaining time, my girl wasn’t interested in going for round 2 as she inexplicitly got dressed. I just used this time to ask her to give me a massage, but I would have been better off going to the place down the street from where I live and getting something from one of the old granny therapists.

Conclusion: Whatever. Girl was cute, but service didn’t match my standards.

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