Itou Mayuki Interview – I Like Getting My Nipples Licked

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itou mayuki interview

Itou Mayuki chan Long Interview!! (First Half)

Itou Mayuki
Height: 160 cm
B88 (F) W54 H89
Twitter: @mayukiito

◯Her Erogenous Region is her Beautiful F Cup Breasts

-You recently did your first gravure photoshoot. Your waist left a big impression on me.

I didn’t really do anything to maintain it. It’s kind of complex but actually all the meat goes to my lower body while my stomach is untouched LOL.

-So between photoshoots you eat candy and sweets….

Ahahaha, even on normal shoots I eat quite a lot.

-Probably because you use up a lot of energy when filming for AV. Moreover, your proportions B88 (F Cup) W54 H90 is really remarkable.

Ever since I made my debut I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my waste, but I really had no idea, I was more like, “oh, is that so?”


-Since you have a big ass and slim waste, isn’t it hard to put on pants?

I can always put on a belt and make it tight but that wouldn’t look good. Recently there are stretchy pants that can pull against your waist that have the same form as leggings but looking for pants is pretty hard. Shopping for pants has always been hard for me.

-Your breasts look bigger than F Cups.

Honestly I haven’t properly measured it. When I’m buying underwear I just buy whatever fits and haven’t really took notice of how big my bust is. At the start of the year I went to an underwear shop and got it properly measured though.

-You’re carefree when it comes to your body, hm?

I’m concerned about my lower half but have no qualms about my chest. Even when I was a student, I would try to hide my butt and legs by wearing long skirts.

-Did any boys look at you weird when you were a student?

In middle school I didn’t have big boobs and it was about the same size entering high school. Honestly my boobs didn’t start getting big ‘til recently.

-Does your mom also have big boobs?

I don’t really remember LOL.

-Sorry for only talking about boobs, but how sensitive are they?

It’s really sensitive! I don’t like them getting pulled on very hard, but I really love it when you caress it and lick it gently. I still don’t respond very well when using toys though. Using the hands to touch them is best!

-The nipples are a very sensitive part of the body so there are a lot of girls out there that don’t like being licked.

I love my boobs. The main thing you have to do is get them excited (face lighting up).

◯Her First Experience and Debut

-How has your sexual journey been since making your debut?

My first sexual experience was in high school and it went bad – it really hurt and blood even came out. From there I had a boyfriend for about a year but never had sex. I’m also the shy type so when we do it, the room has to be dark, and I have to take my clothes off in the bed. You naturally have to be naked when you take a shower though, so that’s okay.


-Even so, have you had a lot of experience since starting this line of work?

Before debuting with kawaii, I did everything short of AV in “AV無理,” but it was still nerve wracking…It wasn’t much about getting naked but the clothes didn’t look good on me and it was embarrassing doing poses that would be good enough to be seen.

-What kind of stuff did you do in “AV無理?”

Get wet by a water gun while wearing my gym clothes, and getting harassed by toys. They wanted to make a video of me looking shy so I was told to just be natural which made it a really fun shoot.

-Are you an masochist Mayuki?

I get aroused if my partner likes seeing me being bashful. Rather than being rough, I prefer my partner to be devoted to me.


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