Ayami Shunka Interview – I’ll Do My Best For You S1 Fans

By tns

Long Interview with Ayami Shunka!! (Second Half)

ayami shunka interview

Ayami Shunka
Height: 154 cm
B85 W58 H83
Been with Prestige for a long time before moving to S1 in May of 2018
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@ayami_syunnka
Blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/syunka_ayami/

-When I think about it, Kojima Minami is also in S1 who is in the same agency as you.

We always hang out, even going to places like the onsen. When I was contemplating switching makers I consulted with Koji-san (Kojima Minami) and Amatsuka Moe. Moe-san has always been with S1 while Koji-san moved to S1 from Alice Japan. Every maker has its strong points and I thought S1 might be greener on the other side of the fence.

-When you put it that way, your move to S1 is like joining a group of friends you already know.

There are also a lot of Ebisu Muscat members.

-I get the feeling you will be co-starring with them a lot in the future.

What in the world will I do if that happens! It’s easy for me to work with girls that I meet for the first time, but if I’ve known them for years and suddenly have to do sexual stuff it’s kinda….I think I’ll have to call them up before it happens (lol)


-You’ve been doing stuff in the music business as well, but can you play any instruments?

I started learning the piano at 4 but there are plenty of people that can play the piano so I thought I would try something else. So 2-3 years ago I picked up the guitar.

-Was the change similar to moving to S1?

Ah! That’s true! I’ve wanted to try all sorts of new things.

-You just moved to S1 but is there anything in particular that you want to do?

The other day I did a married wife drama and couldn’t even remember two lines. It might have been better if I at least had experience in a V-cinema.


-Well it was your first time playing the role of a married woman.

I debuted at 18 but I’m already 25 now!

-What was your first impression when you were told you will play as a married wife?

I was happy because I felt I must’ve matured. It was good timing moving since I had a certain image since my debut. I also feel refreshed doing something new, and since being in Prestige for 5 1/2 years I wonder if I can extend my career another 5 years with S1 and have a 10 year career like an athlete. I have senpai that have been in the industry for 10 years and they are really something else. Since this is a major turning point in my career, I have to be realistic with what I can do from here…

-Since word got out that you would be graduating from Prestige, there were a lot of fans in an uproar thinking that you would retire. You had a long 5 years with Prestige so was retiring altogether an option at the time?

Not at all. I’ve been in the industry for so long but felt I could still do a lot more and that’s when I decided to move to S1. I’m going to do my best for all you S1 fans out there.

-Can we have a closing statement for all your fans?

To all the people checking me out for the first time, this is like my first video and those who already know me I hope I can bring some fresh new content for you to enjoy.


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