Amatsuka Moe Interview - Best AV Actress

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Amatsuka Moe has recently won the 2018 Sky Perfect Adult Award for best actress. Three years ago, she won the award as best newcomer, continuing off the same feat as fellow actress Sakura Mana, both of who won two awards from Sky Perfect. With her achievements, we were able to get an interview with Amatsuka Moe.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

Funny and Sexy

-Congratulations on being awarded as best actress for the 2018 Sky Perfect Award! After being awarded the prize you made a brief statement, but were you not that enthusiastic about the award race?

I wasn’t interested at all (LOL). When I was nominated for the award I had my mind made up that I would try to win but it ended there…I felt bad having to compete with my AV friends and asking my fans to vote for me. I felt I wasn’t ready to be named the best AV actress…

-So you felt winning the award was a bit premature?

Yeah. I’m still not that talented but all I can do is do my best…Recently I’ve had to appear in various drama scenes, and I’m not talking about just acting as a high school student, but also as a teacher and a wife.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-What made you decide to enter?

It felt good being nominated by Enta! 959. They have a lot of popular shows and request for a lot of girls as well, so I couldn’t let them down after they nominated me. And then there are the “もえっこ,” or my fans who supported me. Even though they knew I didn’t want to be part of the award race they said they wanted to see me on stage. With all of this into consideration I agreed to enter and had to win! LOL.

-How was the award ceremony?

Fellow Sexy-J band member Hasumi Kurea, and Minami Rion, an AV star I always meet up with, were in attendance so it felt good being there. If everyone was ready to chew each other or stand around stiff then I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be there. My manager even said the changing room is just like being at home from past experiences.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-With a comfortable atmosphere like that did you feel confident in winning?

If I said I didn’t feel uneasy then I would be lying but I was definitely nervous. I was happy when I won an award for Weekly Taishu, but this time it was for best actress so it was completely different. But as an example, Sakura Mana won an award twice (in 2013 and 2015) so I thought I could do it too and tried not to let it bother me. I’m not the type to say my prayers but this time I went to a shrine and even screamed my heart out in hopes of winning.

-You won award for best actress, got on stage and made a moving speech, but at what point did you really feel “I won!”

3 years ago when I won the best newcomer award at the 2015 Sky Perfect Awards I had the jitters and burned myself out to the extent that I was exhausted for the whole year. This time I learned from that and knew I won from the start. I was prepared though since I knew I would have interviews and photoshoots after.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-After winning the award do you think your relationship with “もえっこ” has gotten deeper?

For sure. My fans really show me a ton of support, and I know that. Since being nominated I didn’t really feel enthusiastic about the idea but my fans wanted to see me so I gave it my all. I’m a hundred times stronger thanks to the support of my fans.

-Does it feel like you and your fans are a team?

It’s like we’re connected aiming for the same prize. Whether my fans are increasing through SNS, I get an award, or there are bumps along the way, it feels like the distance between me and my fans doesn’t change. Even at events, the feeling between us is the same. Regardless if it was my debut or now, we treat each other the same.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-The presenter, Aika, noted that you treat the fans really well.

I’m not really aware of it…but when fans come to my event I want to remember their faces, the things we talk about…just create memories, so the time we spend together is pretty valuable.

-How did you come about treating your fans so well?

It’s gotta be because I didn't have any confidence. I wondered why anybody would go out of their way to my events or buy my DVDs. I thought it was weird. When I actually met with my fans I didn’t really see any value in them meeting me, but I figure I would at least spend quality time with them in return.

-Even after winning the award for best actress do you still have your reservations?

Whether it is for gravure photoshots or whatever, even with AV I’m always nervous and think “is this good enough…?” Even after winning the award I’m still concerned about my outward appearance and I don’t have any special features. Even so, I’ve been doing more AV events, fans have been increasing and in turn I am able to spend more time with my fans…Since my fans have increased I believe that’s how I was able to win the award.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-Now that you are the best actress, how will you tackle things from here?

I have a goal…To be “a funny and shameless actress”…(LOL)

-So you want to be a comedian too (LOL)?

I do. I want to do comedy on “今日のあまつか” when I stop doing AV. When I was with Ebisu Muscats the staff would all do weird things but also mentioned that we will eventually “fade out” so I was kind of worried.

Amatsuka Moe Interview

-Is “今日のあまつか” popular?

It’s really popular! After the show there is a recap that brings tears to my eyes. When that happens all I can do is wait for the next “今日のあまつか” so from my perspective I think it is big.

-That just means you have to be a good comedian.

I might be biting off more than I can chew but I don’t want to change my image either (lol).

-So you are doing some anti-aging secrets.

Everybody is scared of getting older (lol). Sakura Mana once said “When you get older you get wiser so there’s nothing to worry about,” but for me…no way…(lol). I don’t want to change my looks but I want to be sexier.


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