AV Star Misaki Rei - Shooting Overseas

By tns

Back in the day when AV was still in its golden age; thin mosaic, raunchy outdoor scenes, etc. they also did quite a few overseas shots. It was a thing back then, shooting AV in some new scenery, but for various reasons, any shots outside of Japan have dwindled to what feels like zero.

With Japan’s adult industry making some big changes, including welcoming more and more foreigners into the red light district, we get the itchy feeling shooting overseas may become a hot topic again in the near future.

The foreigner friendly escort provider Tokyo Hentai Club has a new AV escort, Misaki Rei, who just so happens to be one of the girls that has gone overseas to sample some white chocolate. When she comes back, expect to see a new release with pink dick in mouth, and it may be too soon to say, but perhaps a resurgence in AV being shot abroad?

In the meantime, why not join the fun yourself? Don’t just watch your favorite AV stars, party with your favorite AV stars!

AV Escort

AV Escort: Misaki Rei
Shop: Tokyo Hentai Club
TEL: 03-6455-1673


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