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All Girls
Nice to meet you, AKI who is managing robot deriher.

Japanese customs are said to be the best in the world.

Because women in Japan have a very spirit of service, they are suitable for jobs of customs.

I went to the world customs with my hobby. Of course, there are good things in that country but there is no place where service is solid as in Japan except for the favorite that it is your own home country.

There is no doubt because I say that I love the customs and managed it.

Our shop is named "Robot Deliher".

I will become an SM club in the genre.

Among them, it is a completely new concept, "Deliher who can choose whether to talk or not".

By not talking, you can enjoy it without concern for the other party.

Even with the despicable habit, I made it to such a concept so that I can release it as much as I want.

And since there is no conversation, it is okay not to spare time other than erotic things.

You can do erotic things all the time.

Without conversation, we can exceed the language barrier.
Japanese language is used only by Japanese people.
And most of the Japanese can not use most of the languages, including English.
Robot Deriheru does not matter the language.
Because it's okay without having a conversation.

If you want to do SM play, transformation play in Japan, please come to the robot Deriher.
Many of the most beautiful women in Japan will be Delihel.



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