Ayami Shunka Interview - No Sex in Private Life?!

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ayami shunka interview

Ayami Shunka moved from Prestige to S1. An exciting interview from the very start, the erotic goddess speaks with us openly!

She's a kindhearted high-level AV actress, but we look back on her story of getting picked up and having a threesome six years ago (which was the Interviewer's personal desire to hear)! If you dig into it, this raw perverted incident she tells of at the time was really erotic! Whoo!

Read part one of the interview here: https://tokyonightstyle.com/blog/avevent/ayami-shunka-interview-ace-of-prestige-moves-to-s1

The story of Ayami Shunka's shocking move to S1 productions! What's the reason why she says, "This is the only place for me"? Even the complete ace of Prestige, when making her debut, had very little publicity because she was still a student. The number of participants at her debut event in Akihabara was…Unbelievable!

ayami shunka interview

Talk of her first ever three-way – Hear all the details!!!

--Since we've heard a lot about the time of your debut, and since I'm a bit selfish, I wanted to hear about one incident – Is that okay?

Ayami Shunka (below Shunka): Sure.

--During your Prestige days you were in "Settaiteki Bishoujyo, Okashishimasu. ACT.25"  / (released 12/2012), and you talked about a sexual encounter you had before your AV debut – please dig deep into that…You had an actual three-way encounter, and I thought "That's a really lewd story!" I listened, but I didn't know the details and the story was murky. All these years I've been thinking, "I want to know more!"

ayami shunka interview

DMM News Editor: For five and a half years he's wanted to clear up the confusing murkiness!

Shunka: What! Haha! There's nothing to it – it's regular! Whoa! Don't play the video of it!

--The DMM video clip has been played two and a half million times! It's like if that was on YouTube you'd get a bunch of money!

Shunka: I want it! (lol)

--If you put it on YouTube your account would be frozen in a second. (lol) This was a release from about six years ago, but now it's something of a legendary release, isn't it?

Shunka: For sure a lot of people bring up this release. Even now I don't know what they said that was good about it. Sorry, but can't you turn the volume down? (with a blushing smile)

ayami shunka interview

--It seems that the part in the second half where you have sex with Shimiken-san is legendary among fans. It's raw and erotic. The kind of sex men long to have one time.

Shunka: Ah, it would be. That's right. That was the first time with Shimiken-san, but he introduced himself as "Takahashi". I thought he was Takahashi-san for a long time. (lol)

--The same way Takada Junji introduces himself like "Nice to meet you I'm Johnny Depp."

Shunka: Then I met him in another shoot.

--You were like, "Hey!" (lol)

Shunka: I was surprised like, "Huh, Takahashi-san!? You became a full-fledged male AV actor!?" and he said, "No, I'm Shimiken." The whole time I believed the set-up.

--I see…You're a nice girl that believes people! No, wait! This isn't the theme right now! The three-way seduction! During the interview about appearing in the same release with Takahashi-san you said that "You were seduced into a three-way," "You got it from behind while blowing a guy," and "It was your most exciting private sex experience!" But I thought, well, that's quite a raw and erotic episode. I think for the readers they want to fantasize about that more. It's quite an old story, but I definitely want you to recall it and tell us about it.

DMM News Editor: (This is the first time I've seen Aoki-san [the interviewer] this desperate. This guy is really losing it.)

Shunka: Haha! I got it. (lol) That was when I was taking the train home from Ikebukuro.

--Did you go out in Ikebukuro?

Shunka: No, then I'd gone to take a test in winter. I went to the beauty college that's in the city and took an interview exam. Then when it finished, I was returning home from Ikebukuro, at night.

--I think that's new information that hadn't quite gotten out before about this previously. (Aoki checking his notes.) Shunka-chan, what were you wearing?

Shunka: Haha! At that time I had light colored hair that was almost bleach blond, so then I was in a mini skirt, wearing a loud outfit like a gyaru. I was also carrying a regular handbag.

--A bleach blond gyaru-style Shunka in a mini skirt! That's so rare! (while lost in the fantasy)

Shunka: Is that so? (lol) I didn't have money to go out so I thought I'd head home, and two brown-haired guys that seemed to often be hanging around the busy shopping area came up to me. They were around college graduate age I guess? They were about 170cm tall and with nothing particular about them – normal guys.

--Those two guys came up to you while you were wandering around, like "Hey, there's a cute mini skirt girl!"

Shunka: When I noticed, I suddenly heard a voice come from beside me say, "What you doing?"

--And then?

Shunka: Those two invited me to "Go out." Since I had a little more than an hour before the last train, I don't know what I was thinking, but we went to a manga café together.

--Really! That was a mystery. Not a café or restaurant or karaoke box, but a manga café!

Shunka: Yeah, it really was a manga café. Maybe it was close and cheaper than karaoke, so we went there.

ayami shunka interview

--A manga café with the regular private room huh. One with the top all open and just partitions. The three of you went in there.

Shunka: Yeah, I was in the seat sandwiched between the two guys.

--They were guarding you from the sides so you couldn't escape. Your white thighs protruding from your miniskirt, your beautiful big breasts popping out the front…(fantasizing) Those two guys probably got turned on down there like a switch with your erotic body right in front of them…Like, "We're definitely not letting this one go home!"  

Shunka: But, there was nothing strange going on then.

--Oh. Did you read manga or something?

Shunka: We didn't read a thing. (lol) The three of us just chatted for an hour. We just chatted about trivial stuff together. It was fun or something so before I knew it the time had passed.

--Hmm. A strategy to liven things up and make you forget about time, huh?

Shunka: When I noticed that it was almost time for last train, I said, "I gotta go home," to which they replied, "What? You still have time. Just stay five more minutes!" – our time in the manga café stretched out little by little.

--That's definitely premeditated!

Shunka: I was stupid back then, so in the end I skipped out on the last train. (lol) But I thought, “I’ll figure something out.” I was really dumb. (lol) At that time I had a screw loose in my head.


Shunka: Then, I couldn't go back home that night.

--That was exactly what those two were wishing for, huh.

Shunka: After that we went to one of the two guys' places.

--Like, "My place is close to here!"

Shunka: That's right! We bought a bunch of stuff at the convenience store and made our way on foot over to his place.

--Those two guys were doing a victory pose like, "Yes, we scored a super cute girl!" (I'm so jealous!)

Shunka: But, on the way to the place neither one of them touched me at all.

--Oh, oh. (getting a half-chub)

Shunka: When we reached the place, for some reason one of the guys went outside. I don't know if he'd gone to the convenience store or gone home or what.

--He secretly went and bought condoms, didn't he?

Shunka: No, that wasn't it. But while he was gone we started fooling around. (lol)

--Ah! First get two of you together alone in a situation where it's easy to get you fooling around – I'm a real detective.

DMM News Editor: Who the hell do you think are you!

Shunka: Yeah, maybe. It was my fault, too. They probably just assumed, “well she’s come back to my place, she’s up for it.”

--Like, “well now that I’m in a coffee shop, I guess I’ll order some coffee,” right?

Shunka: Yeah, yeah. It was something like that – The vibe was like, "Since she came to the house, it's only natural to bang." But I also didn't resist. (lol)

--Whoa! The two of you started going at it. Your goddess-like body had already fallen prey!

Shunka: But when we actually started having sex we used a condom. While the two of us did it, gasping in pleasure, the other guy came back.

ayami shunka interview

--In the middle of sex with a dick inside you!?

Shunka: Yeah. The TV was on, and some light was bleeding in through the space between the curtains – like that we were having sex and I looked up and could see him…

--Something like, "Hey, I'm home!" (lol)

Shunka: Haha! After that in became a threesome.

--The guy who came back was excited like, "Whoa, they're doing it!" and was ready to go.

Shunka: No, I don't know whether it was a strategy, but he seemed surprised. The guy who came back saw us and took off his pants, and my mouth was open from getting fucked and he just shoved his dick into my mouth…

--Damn, he came with a hard-on.

DMM News Editor: (Handing the interviewer a tissue in silence)

--This isn't AV, and it's amazing that this really happened huh. How much virtue would one have to cultivate in their previous life to have a threesome with Shunka-chan – you'd have to have a tremendous amount of luck, right? Possibly, if you didn't do your best in your previous, previous, previous life, it wouldn't happen…(my hard-on withers)

Shunka: Haha! After the first guy shot his load, I soon switched up with the second guy I was blowing.

--Like, "I can't hold back anymore!" and the second round quickly started. Those two were real novices – and later you'd become a super sexy S1 level actress representative of the AV industry – it was an all-you-can-fuck real situation with the famous Ayami Shunka!!!

Shunka: It was, huh.

--Damn! I'm so jealous!!! By the way, wasn't the first guy that got off also like, "Quick, let me go again" for a third round, which would be an intensely erotic night that would never end…was it something like that?

Shunka: It wasn't like that. While I was fucking the second guy, he watched TV the whole time. (lol)

Everyone: Haha!

Shunka: It ended like that after the second round, we ate the stuff we'd bought at the convenience store, and slept.

--Hehe. And after that? In the morning did it start again?

Shunka: Nope. When I woke up early in the morning, I thought of my parent's angry faces, and while both of the guys were still sleeping I left and went home.

--I see. And that was your first ever threesome!

Shunka: It was.

--Thank you for the exciting erotic story.

Shunka: Really, who was that? We didn't exchange contact info, and I don't remember their names.

--I want to say to them, "The girl that you guys slept with was the super famous AV actress Ayami Shunka!" And tell them it serves them right not exchanging contact info!

Shunka: Haha! Yeah, it really is a mystery.

--Do you want to reach out to them like, "Where are you guys now?" (lol)

Shunka: It seems like a bunch of guys would come forward.

--Unrelated guys would be like, "That's me, me!" (lol)

Shunka: Since that was when I was 18, that story is from about six years ago.

--No, thank you for that. (lol) I feel super relieved!

DMM News Editor: What, did you get off?! I'm not going to pay you for this interview! (lol)

--0 yen is fine. (firing back at the Editor)

Shunka: Haha!

ayami shunka interview

If you could have a friend with benefits, rushing to meet with just one phone call would be best!?

Shunka: After that there weren't any threesomes in my private life.

--How about getting picked up?

Shunka: Since then I haven't! Because I've started this job, I don't know if it's because my increased professionalism, but I haven't been picked up nor dated regular guys.

ayami shunka interview

--There's a clear line between your work and private life. Noting that, I watched your final release with Prestige, and you have a lot of security at your place – it's really stringent. (lol)

Shunka: Yeah. Before going into my place there's a series of locked entryways, about three or four of them.

--In that release, a male actor comes with you to your place and there were a bunch of locks, and the male actor looked surprised, huh. (lol)

Shunka: Security is important, so I chose that place.

--Since you are popular, it also makes you feel relieved, huh. I imagine that you don't have a private love life, but if you were to date, what kind of guy would be your type?

Shunka: I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 18, and now I really don't need one.

--Not even a one-night stand?

Shunka: Nope. My last was the threesome we were just talking about. (lol)

Everyone: Hahaha!

--Well, how about a friend with benefits? If you were to have one, what kind of person would be your type?

Shunka: What!? (lol)

--If it's difficult for you to say, an anime character is also fine. Like if it's is a manly guy, good or an androgynous type. Or like if it was "Kuroko no Basuke", Midxxma xxtaro would be great! – something like that.

Shunka: Ah, if it were a relationship then I'd really like Mixxma-kun. At first I thought Akaxx (Seixxro) would be good, but for some reason it became Mixxma-kun.

--Akaxx is short, while Mixxma is tall. You don't care much about height?

Shunka: I don't care about height at all. Anything is okay when it comes to faces as well. The dick too. If I like someone those things don't matter. But if it was a friend with benefits, the dick is important.

ayami shunka interview

--Supposing you were choosing a friend with benefits, what would be the ideal dick?

Shunka: Hmm, one I'm sexually compatible with.

--Well, if it were a male actor, whose dick is sexually compatible for you?

Shunka: Moribashi-san and Kurozawa-san!

--Whoa, those two have big reputations and dicks. Clearly size is important, huh.

Shunka: I don't know. Because once I start getting it on I can't think of anything. (blushing)

--Well, rather than the dick and whatnot, is sexual compatibility during foreplay more important?

Shunka: Comparatively, yes. If you were to say personality…someone laid-back is best. I'd be happy with someone like me. Considering a friend-with-benefits, no contact, no meddling into my private life, someone who gives me my freedom… An easy-going relationship like that would be ideal.

For example, if you were both horny, with one call you'd rush over to one of each other's places.

Shunka: Ah, an arrangement like that would be nice.

Everyone: Whoa! (excited)

Shunka: But, like someone I like.

--Someone you have a connection with.

Shunka: At this age, I don't want to be sending texts on Line from the morning saying "Good morning" to night saying "Good night". Even when we are both working, pressing me for messages like I'm in servitude is too much. A grown-up would be nice.

--Up to what age is okay?

Shunka: If I liked him, any age is okay.

--Even 80 years old is okay?

Shunka: That's not gonna fly! (lol) Wouldn't it be sad if he suddenly dropped dead?

--It's fine. If he suddenly dropped dead there would be things left behind! (lol)

Shunka: Well, if I think about it realistically, about 40 years old is my limit…

--Is it better if he were older than you?

Shunka: Older than me is better. However, if I were a bit older, I might think, "Younger is better." (lol) I might become someone who says stuff like, "Younger ones are cute."

ayami shunka interview

So how was it? In her private life, she had a not so average experience of having a threesome with two guys she'd just met. She told us about that precious, rare experience from over five years ago. It was a story from just before her AV debut, but since that threesome she's had no sex in her private life she says. Clearly, Shunka-chan is a good girl. 

Next time (in part three), we hear her erotic to the core talk about being pounded in waves and baptized with five loads in her S1 debut! Of course Shunka-chan's energy is electrifying! Look forward to it next week!

Interview / Article: Aoki Taro
Source: DMM News R18 Editorial Department


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