Cosplay Chikan Densha (Ikebukuro Image Club Review)

By BigBoy

Note: This shop is not open to foreigners

Ikebukuro is actually the most popular place for female anime fun. You will see many young Japanese school girls and fresh OLs in a group going to anime stores. After watching them walking around my horny level increased to the point I wanted to grab their ass! After my job i searched for something that can meet my desires and I found Cosplay Chikan Densha. “Chikan” means molester, Densha is train so it’s an imekura. In short it’s a shop that combines cosplay and situation play. I always wanted to experience this so I called the shop, asked who is available that moment, and they gave me Moe.


The Girl
Physical appearance
Moe was pretty. She has a small face and small body frame. She has dark long brown hair, wears light natural looking make up, and her lower lips are slightly bigger and very soft to kiss. Her main quality is her breasts. She has E-cups which are  well rounded and soft. Not saggy at all.

She has an ass small enough to grab with one hand. Has straight legs not like many of the Japanese girls who are slightly bent inside, but she was different. It was good proportions with her body frame. Her pussy was light brown no and visible pussy lips.

Loves to chat, very friendly and has a very sweet soothing calm voice. Her personality is like a college gal who just came here working as a part timer eager to learn. She loves to be lead and kissed. According to her she is still new to the industry and has been working 2 months so she has very little experience but very open minded and loves to try new things. Over all she is the perfect GFE.

She is still new to the industry. Her few experiences with men is what makes her a gem. She is very sensitive, even just touching her stomach and breasts  she would move her body. What actually surprised me is when you go down on her pussy area you can see her goosebumps.

Her BBBJ is standard maybe due to lack of experience but she listens to you so just guide her how you want to be sucked. Her sumata skills are also standard but again due to her lack of experience, the only thing that turned me on was her willingness to please me.


The Shop
Shop concept is perversion on train, with cosplay. They have many variety of cosplay from JK uniform to OL to nurse. You can even bring your own cosplay! They have free toys like pink rotor and small denma. To book the girl you will have to come to their reception and pay their in advance, after payment you will go alone to the love hotel and call the shop again with your customer number and room number.

40min 10,000 yen
60min 15,000 yen
80min 20,000 yen
100min 25,000yen
120min 30,000yen
150min 27,000yen
180min 45,000yen

Love hotel is a separate fee

First of all, they do not accept Japanese and to be honest if you do not understand Japanese it will be very hard for you to understand them. The staff are not friendly and their reception is very messy. Maybe my timing was bad but the staff was kind of rude even to the Japanese standard, they will talk to you as if you already know the guidelines when you ask them again you can feel their attitude of “why you ask again have I not explained to you” but I wanted to make sure I understood their system and especially on the price. So if you don't understand I'm sure you will get into some troubles.

Play Details
After calling the shop I asked them for directions and finally found it. It was very messy like someone just had a wild party. Their store had a red and black theme. You will encounter 2 staff wearing business suits. I told them I was the one who called and would like to book a girl, the staff then gave me cards / photos of girls with the face visible. I chose Moe for 100 minutes. You will then be asked to select a cosplay and I chose OL uniform the one that you see on the ladies working at the bank kind of uniform. After receiving the explanation and guide to hotel I hurried my way to the love hotel. **Note this shop wont book the hotel for you so you will have to go there and check in for yourself.

The Love Hotel
I chose the nearest love hotel about 1 to 2 min walking distance. The hotel I chose was quite old and the room inside is not that fancy but has good space to have fun with the girl. No place to hang your clothing and no closet. After preparing myself for the arrival of the girl I called the shop and informed them my room number.


The Arrival
While waiting I was waiting filling up the form for how I wanted to play and received the service. Within less than 3 mins the girl arrived knocking on the door. She then gave me mouth wash and body soap and did my thing.

Bed Play
After the shower I already had a semi hard on thinking how I wanted to play with her in a very perverted way. The shop told me the girl will knock on the shower door when she is ready so I waited for her knocking. After the knock I went out like a hunter in search of my prey. She was standing beside the bed with her OL uniform and eye-mask, I felt like a kid because it was a new experience for me. I started with a grabbing her small ass, then stared to hit with my dick on her ass like how I would imagine doing it inside the train. I smelled her neck it with sweet fragrance, and played with her tits from behind slowly removing her red color bra. I then did standing sumata, a pussy job, while touching her tits and doing slow humping motion while my dick was sandwich with her panty and pussy. It was really good and my dick immediately became super hard, hard like morning glory. After the warm sandwich between her pussy and panty I let her kneel down to suck my dick. She was actually drooling while sucking, I can see her saliva dripping on the carpet floor. She also tried to go deep with BBBJ, I then slowly went deeper till she would do the gag reflex and gasp for air, it felt really good when the tip of my dick hit her inner throat.

I wanted more of it so I moved her to the edge of the bed positioning her head down the edge so that I can put my dick deeper. I slowly put my hard dick again into her mouth going in and out, with this alone I could have cum. I then fingered her with my master technique; the come her motion, and licked on her nipples and clit. Listening to her moan and looking at her body moving till she climaxed and then rub my dick against her clit with her very wet pussy, till I cum.


Personal view / Remarks
100% satisfaction on girl but 10% satisfaction on the staff. The concept is great but again the shop is for Japanese only.

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