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Ryuguu (Shinjuku Sekukyaba Review)

Splash Man

  • Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review


    Ryuguu, also known as The Palace Under the Sea is a sekukyaba located in the outskirts of Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Calling it the Palace Under the Sea is no overstatement; the theme of the shop is the girls are in bikinis and the interior is decorated as if you were riding a private submarine to a luxurious resort that is arguably more fascinating than the mythical city of Atlantis.

    The shop accepts foreigners no problem so long as you can understand at least basic Japanese. While most sekukyabas are themed around a typical kyabakura where the girls wear fancy looking dresses, Ryuguu peaked my interests because what kind of man doesn’t like to look at cute girls in bikinis?

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    The Shop / Staff

    Customer Service / Staff
    Prior to my visit, I spoke to the staff over the phone to confirm if they accept foreigners or not. They are more than welcoming of customers from overseas and their attitude towards a foreigner doesn’t sway whether you are a Japanese national or not. The staff are nicely dressed in tuxedos, greet you properly and give you service that you would expect from any kind of shop in Japan.

    Price varies on the course you choose and time of day. For complete price listings please click here.

    Play Area
    Before mentioning the play area I should mention the waiting area. Being Japan, there is limited space so there are technically two waiting areas. If the shop is overflowing with customers, the people who are waiting to get their freak on have to wait outside in the hallway next to the elevators. It is not terribly cramped, and the area is actually nice and clean and appears to have been refurbished in the past few years. The seats aren’t bad either; at least they aren’t rinky-dink stools that have been purchased at a thrift store.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    If you arrived at the shop at a good time, you can wait next to the receptionist. Inside you can see a wall sized lava lamp (?) that give a nice ambiance as if you were in well…A Palace Under the Sea. The wall painting and doors look like something out of Titanic, and the door knobs are replaced with a steering wheel for a ship.

    The actual play area is designed like Cherry in Shinjuku (they are sister shops) and has walls that don’t go up to the ceiling to help protect privacy when you’re getting serviced. The music is booming with Pop/RnB which got my head bumping in anticipation. In the front of the room is a projection of the deep underwater sea and mythical sea creatures swimming around to add to the whole Ryuguu experience.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Play Time / Girls

    When I arrived at the shop, I was told that I would have to wait at least 45 mins because they were full. Longer if any of the customers wanted to extend. I agreed and paid the receptionist in cash. In return, I was given a waiting number. Ahead of me were two waiting customers and in the total 1 hour time that I waited, another 7 people lined up.

    My number was finally called. Just before entering the play area, I was asked to use their mouth wash while they pointed to a sign and told me the rules. The rules are typically the same with any sekukyaba, but due to the nature and theme of the shop, the #1 rule that was written on top was no fingering the girls. I was then made to use disinfectant, asked what I would like to drink and shown to my little booth.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Escort #1
    The first girl that made an appearance was Reina. She was as the shop calls her, a lolicon beauty. She was short, listed at 148 cm and has little petite boobs. She sat next to me and I asked if she had a business card but she said she “forgot it.” I stroked her smooth milky body and asked her to get on top of me. On top, she unhooked her bra for me, grabbed my hands, and smashed them into her chest. When we kissed it was more like a peck and nothing in the realm of DFK. When I rubbed my fingers over her perky nipples her body would spasm and Reina would readjust my hands so that they would cup her boobs rather than run through her nipples. Reina said that her nipples are sensitive and prefers her tits to get squeezed instead. With what felt like less than 10 minutes, Reina was called and my time with her would end.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Escort #2
    Mari was the second girl that would service me. Mari sat next to me, took off her heels and propped her legs over my lap. She gave me her business card and I ran my hands through her legs. Mari was just as cute as Reina but had bigger tits, suitable for squeezing. Without hesitation, Mari stroked my boner through my pants and I began fondling her. I wish she would have slipped her hands into my pants and jerked me off, but direct touching of the private parts are prohibited. I then unhooked her bra, and rubbed her tits with one hand, and her panties with the other. We then started to DFK with a whole lot of tongue and she naturally transitioned on top of me. Mari was the type of girl that if I found out she worked at a health shop or Soapland, I would definitely want to book her. Before time between us came to an end, I spanked her ass a few times for my own pleasure.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Escort #3
    The next and final girl that came by was Miruku. If I had to describe a typical kyabakura girl working in Shinjuku, Miruku would fit the description. She was a beauty with a ton of makeup, taller than the previous two escorts, and had a good sense of style. Miruku hasn’t been working at Ryuguu for long but has the mentality of a kyabakura girl. She knows what a man wants and would squish her tits together for me and kiss me at the right time. Miruku also knew how to talk dirty, saying things the average man would want to hear, but even better, she wasn’t the type of girl that tries to milk you for your money. What I mean by that is rather than asking me to extend or buy her a drink, she let her game do all the talking.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Personal View / Remarks
    While picking up a magazine at the local convenience store with girls in bikinis is in abundance, sekukyabas with the bikini theme is not. I feel this is what separates Ryuguu from the competition and not only that, girls that dare to wear bikinis know they look good, so the women they have on schedule are sure to be good eye candy.

    Tokyo Escort Ryuguu Sekukyaba Review

    Playa Data

    Girls: Reina, Mari, Miruku
    Shop: Ryuguu
    Playtime: 40 minutes
    Price: 7,000 Yen (8,000 Yen from 6PM-8PM, -1,000 Yen for no nomination)
    Date Visited: July 2017, Weekend Evening

    Recommended For:
    -Men who like women in bikinis
    -People that like the deep sea
    -People who want that quick, straight forward service

    Not Recommended For:
    -People who like open area sekukyabas
    -People that don’t like Pop/RnB
    -People looking for the typical kyabakura experience


  • By Yubera          

    I can guess at a few things that went wrong - for one I was dressed very casually - t-shirt and jeans. Also, I've been walking around all day, so I was not freshly showered. That might have been a problem?
    Was I supposed to ask for the service straight away? Go through a free Information center?
    I'm interested, since I'm probably coming back to Japan for business purposes in a few months - and sekukyabas are what particularly interest me the most.

  • By Flyjin          

    100kg at 180cm is FAT. No ugly people at Sekukyabas!

  • By TNS          

    Dear Yubera,

    Thank you for the comment.

    We are sorry to hear the trouble you have been having, but we can confirm that the two shops Ryuguu and Super Angel still accept foreigners. We can only guess what went wrong. If you feel the need to get in contact with an escort, you can use one of the shops featured on our landing page, as they openly accept foreign customers.

  • By Yubera          

    Dude, I'm heavily disappointed by sekukyabas. I'm a pretty young guy, not that bad looking, just a bit fat (100kg at 1.80m). I got denied at this place and at super angel, even though I asked in both with Japanese, and I responded to their 'only Japanese' with 'Japanese PEOPLE or Japanese LANGUAGE? Because I can certainly speak the language' in Japanese, they finally switched to English and said it was Japanese people only, which is where I gave up and left.
    Did something happen in the short time since you got there? Is it a huge problem if I'm a bit fat? Welp, I've given up for now.



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