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Tips for Being a Shuchou Host and Job Applications

Shuchou Host is a type of host that goes on outings with girls, such as going to the movies or shopping, so in other words, it’s basically a “rent a boyfriend” for female clients. There are also shuchou hosts that offer additional services such as your typical visit to a love hotel or your private residence.

There are a lot of places that hire shuchou hosts with some offering excellent working conditions but there are two sides to every coin and in some places, it is quite the opposite of what they expect. This includes not being able to earn as much as they thought, the services offered being different, or just plain being swindled or scammed into the job which actually happens quite often.

This time we want to introduce more on the topic of shuchou hosting; what it’s like, what to be careful for and recommended places to apply for a job as a shuchou host.

I’m Interested in Hosting but What Does The Job Entail?

To put it simply, a shuchou host’s job is to please female clients sexually. However, just like any delivery health, full service is illegal. A shucho host’s primary mission is to help free female clients of their work related stress and pent up frustrations.

There are also girls that have boyfriends that just simply want a complete stranger as a companion or are just into cuckolding so they seek shuchou hosts to fulfill their urges. Some girls don’t just seek the adventure to fulfill their emotional side, but others want to fulfill their physical appetite from someone with a little technique.

Among all the shucho host businesses, there are also those geared towards gays. If you are looking to work as a shucho host yourself, these gay shops write in their job ads that there are female clients, but in reality it is a shop intended for gay paying customers, so it is best to confirm everything with the shop first before even applying.

Lastly, the monthly salary will differ based on how many customers you get but if it is an hourly wage joint then expect the salary to be around 5000 Yen an hour.

You Have to Pay a Registration Fee?!

A majority of shuchou host businesses will require you to pay a huge registration fee.

If you ask why in the world do you have to pay a registration fee, the usual answer you get from the shops is because when you are pleasing the girl, you would have to use a vibrator and stuff which covers the costs. This includes lube, tissue, towels and other consumable goods which are all subtracted from the registration fee.

Some may think for such trivial costs, there shouldn’t be any need to pay a registration fee but since shucho hosts have such a high hourly rate, you can get the money back after just a few bookings.

Then there’s also the training fee. Just like at other delivery healths, you have to do the training and learn the ins and outs of the service. It may be hard to say but the training fee costs a lot and it is mandatory.

Double Check The Business

Since this is the place you are likely going to work, it is best to double check what the management is like. At fuzoku places there are some run by the local mafia so later down the line, you may be mixed up in all the trouble.

Also be wary of any trouble that may occur between you and the clients. If something bad were to occur, you can call the cops but getting them involved is bothersome. It would be cliché to say be careful not to run into any trouble, therefore we recommend joining a business that will help settle all the issues for you if the situation were ever to occur

Can You Wait at Home?

At normal delivery healths, girls have a waiting room they use on days they have work and when a booking comes, she goes from the waiting room and into the car which will deliver her to the client’s hotel or apartment.

When it comes to shuchou hosts, there are plenty of job offers that follow the same method but a lot of them allow you to wait at home until you have a client ringing in. This is probably the biggest difference in fuzoku for men and fuzoku for women.

When men are feeling antsy and feel the urge to blow their load, they go straight to their favorite fuzoku website, call the shop and order the girl. On the flipside, girls usually pick their man they want to purchase beforehand and set a date when to meet which is likely why waiting at home is more accepted with shucho hosts.

At delivery healths, nobody knows when a man will phone in so it is most effective to have girls waiting on standby in the waiting room because they can confirm their availability immediately and makes dispatch all the more easier.

Conversely, shucho hosts which target female clients don’t need to have the guys waiting in a waiting room because girls rarely make appointments on the same day they call. In the event that a girl wants immediate service, the shops have strategies for catering to their female clients in these situations so they don’t lose customers.

Whether a shop allows you to wait at home until you get a booking or requires you to be in the waiting room is at the discretion of the shop, so be sure to confirm beforehand.

Recommended Places to Work for Shuchou Hosts

We would like to introduce a place that hires shuchou hosts and one of them that pass all the above is:


If you tune into the Japanese media channels such as TBS, Kansai TV or FujiTV then you’ll know. This place is superior in shuchou host.

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Dear Platinum

This place looks clean and safe just by looking at the webpage. The popular AV maker SOD also does events here so you should feel pretty safe applying here as a shuchou host.

Since most shucho host places don’t normally have a shop front, they are bound to have a homepage. Check out their website thoroughly so you know their side of the business and if it is a right fit for you. Be sure to stay away from fishy places!


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