Newly Opened “Super Cheap” Oiran Soapland

By tns

Yoshiwara is Japan’s biggest Soapland district making competition fierce so old outdated shops close down, and new ones take its place.

As a Fuzoku writer, I felt it was necessary, or my obligation rather, to get first hand experience of this newly opened Soapland “A.”

The concept surrounding “A” is based off of Japanese red light districts from old times, with the girls sporting oirans, a type of Japanese outfit courtesans wear. Getting in and out of clothing takes time, but taking off an oiran is pretty quick so you can save time, but remember the outfit is pretty costly. After looking over the website though, I was a little dumbfounded. It was way cheaper than I would have thought.

For example, their cheapest course which starts from 6 AM costs 9000 Yen for 50 minutes, meaning you can pay it all off with one bill. However, they’re doing a grand opening discount so you can have fun for just 8,500 Yen. I think I found a good shop.

I then lugged myself over to the shop and they were totally into their roles. Since the shop is based off red light districts from the old days, they had signs on the wall “we do not accept Koban (old form of Japanese currency)” and “please do not travel by horse,” etc. I’m sure the average person looking for fun would think this shop was going a little overboard…

I didn’t think the waiting room was too over the top though and my number was called. The girl that I met was Mei-san (pseudonym). She was 30 and even with her Oiran on I could see she had a slender body. It looked more like a Juban (garment worn under a kimono) on her.

Whatever, since I was in the mood I was already having fun. No matter how you look at the shop, Mei-san was a beauty and I was about to get it on. Unfortunately we had to waste time in the bath.

For all you Soapland experts out there, I’m sure you’re calling me an idiot. You know what a Soapland is don’t you? Getting in the tub is standard. After all, the place is considered super cheap…keyword “super cheap.” The timing couldn’t be any better. Just as the burning image of her Oiran outfit was roasting my eyes, we got naked.

Anyway, I went for a short course so there wasn’t any time for mat play. Since she was good at this Soapland stuff, I was pretty satisfied. Her lip service and touching were all well polished. She was even able to get rough with it. I can’t stop thinking that her technique cost me less than 10,000 Yen.

Rather than the image of this shop being themed off old Japanese red light districts, it should be more focused on the services like I would expect from old Edo Japan. Getting cheap ass girls and not being there for love or companionship but going in and out, even changing the price to 6000-9000 Yen so people can easily hit it and quit it.

I would think a Soapland donning Oirans would be top class with services costing 150,000 Yen. However, your average person wouldn’t even be able to use the shop 3 times so they would have to change the price to 50,000 Yen. And even if you are able to spend that kind of money, you may not always be able to get service.

With this in mind, we’re lucky to have super cheap oiran Soaplands. People from Edo Japan can only dream of fuzoku nowadays, but on the flipside, I wonder what the scenery will be like in the distant future…I’m sure some shop manager is trying to think up of that as we speak.


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