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    B82 W- H-

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    D cup

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    20,000YEN / 60min
    30,000YEN / 90min
    40,000YEN / 120min

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  • By Zweihander          

    Well my aim with going to THC wasn't pure sex or actually "finish the race" or anything like that (she does offer AF) but more of a GF feeling and just relaxing.

    After checking with them on their site I kicked in the door to their office in Shibuya, I actually walked right by the entrance to the stairs twice since its not as obvious as they make it sound.

    The guy at the reception speaks really good English so you really don't have to worry, asked if it was my first time there and then gave me a short know-how of their operation and then I could choose which girl I fancied on a big screen with the faces uncensored. Almost all were booked out or the next time was like 23.50 and I was there during dinner, but fortunately for me a customer just revoked his booking thous giving me a window 50 min later.

    Paid in a machine where you can choose what length of the session, what additional options you want and free cosplay......feels like I was ordering food or something.

    Enjoyed the scenery of Shibuya for 40 min and then walked back and waited in the reception. 15 min later and there she was, I'm surprised how little photoshop they use if any at all since she looks just like the pictures. And I must say I like her in glasses.

    Walked to one of the Love hotels thats just around the corner, you pay for that as well, and we talked a lot and as stated earlier she is rather good at English so if your Japanese fails you can try to explain it in English....or she will use her translation app, works no matter what.

    Cleaned up and then we jumped in the bed where we kissed, touched and talked a lot. I got down on her for a moment before she did that sumata thingy and then tried to finish me of with a BJ......if you have read my other reviews on TAG you'll know the result of that endeavor even though she got great skill, because it felt great. If you haven't. I need like two fucking hours of FS to pop.....yey for me...whats with this water coming out of my eyes?

    When she realized that it wasn't going to work, I want to remember she asked me when was the last time I came and to that I gave a honest reply.....good thing she didn't ask me about the amount of sex or last time because that would have been a little awkward. Or maybe she did and I'm just suppressing that memory :angelic:

    After that we just cuddled for the rest of my time which honestly felt nice, she did actually ask me if I wanted to do anything special but I decided that instead of trying some heroics it felt better just feeling her weight and warmth in my arms.....kinda mushy but when you have seen the shit I have, mushy is just fine. Took a short shower and then left the hotel together where we parted ways.

    She's got good eyes that one, she figured out things about me I never told her about or most of my friends have ever noticed.......dangerous



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