Yogurt Parfait (Shibuya Hotel Health Review)

By Splash Man

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a hotel health review on Tokyo Night Style – I mean I’ve always wanted to do more and today I finally get that chance. As with any fuzoku shop in Japan, a hotel health has its pros and cons.

-You can enjoy a “dating” experience
-Private services done at a love hotel
-Can see photos of girls un-blurred

-You still have to go to the shop and show yourself
-Escorts cannot be delivered to your location
-“Health” services do not match the same experience at a Soapland

Today I got to sample a shop in Shibuya, Yogurt Parfait. I happened to stumble upon it by chance and as of today, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information so I thought I’d be the one to get my feet wet and bring a review of a new shop.

yogurt parfait escort review

The Girl
Tia is a young Japanese girl with porcelain white skin. Since she has a unique face with special features, she will attract a certain niche audience. Her height is listed as 156 cm but with her boobs hanging high on her body, it makes her overall contour feel long and lanky. Pink nipples and small patch of pubic hair. Small tattoo.

Being fresh to the industry, Tia is shy and reserved. She is open and willing to talk, but expect to be the one making the first move.

Whether as a sex worker or in private, Tia’s experience in bed is close to nil, so her body touching, licking, and everything else is light. By western standards, she would be labeled a cod fish.

yogurt parfait escort review

The Shop
Yogurt Parfait is pretty straight forward – the cast of escorts comprise of only young inexperienced girls, new to the industry.

yogurt parfait escort review

Straightforward staff, meaning they get down to business with no shenanigans in between.

Play Details
I called the shop up and after speaking with the staff I am in favor of their business model. Get my order in and done. I must have spent no more than 30 seconds on the phone.

They did ask me if it was my first time and to call one hour prior to my appointment to confirm the booking.

When the time of my appointment neared, I head to the shop and found the counter staff to be pretty stylish – his hair style at least with a few highlights and some grooming done. I stated my name and he immediately knew my booking.

Please note that for security reasons, the shop may ask you for identification.

He then called a hotel up to make a reservation for me, gave me a map, and I made a short walk through the Dougenzaka love hotel district.

yogurt parfait escort review

Escort Meeting
After arriving at my hotel, I dialed the special number on the map to tell them the room number I was staying. The escort’s arrival was timely as I had just the right amount of time to brush my teeth, take a piss and freshen up before I heard the doorbell ring.

Tia’s bright personality shined through her elegant smile but with a bit of nervousness. I then let her in, had small talk and she phoned the shop to confirm her arrival. We then helped each other get dressed while Tia’s body looked slightly stiff due to shyness.

Shower Play
As I normally do, I let Tia take the ropes. While her hands were cold, her body was warm and I felt all over her smooth body. I would then discover that the shower was all business, no play.

While I did get a light rinse and scrub to my whole body, the washing was centered around my penis. Soap suds after soap suds were scrubbed deep into my cock that I hope my penis wouldn’t dry out.

When cleaned, I head out of the shower and waited for Tia to finish up. She then gave me some mouthwash to gargle and we head to the bed.

Bed Play
Lying down, Tia quickly followed behind. She smiled passively at me and I signaled for her to begin. I then got the lightest lick to my nipples yet somehow induced the hardest erection. She then crossed over to the opposite side of my body to get my other nipple the same pleasure.

With some shy smiles and giggles being thrown at me, Tia then went for my penis. The head of my wiener was licked chupa chupa style that I felt obligated to do a few hip thrusts.

Tia was very peculiar about the pre-cum leaking from my cock, wiping it off every time. We then transitioned with me on top where I gobbled her up from head to toe. I didn’t miss out on any DATY and slipped some fingers into the mix.

Moving to the final act, Tia got some lube to make for some smooth sumata. There was some force behind Tia’s legs and in spite of that, I kept doing my thing. From missionary, face-to-face, to cowgirl we did every sumata position I could think of. I then launched, wiped off, and took a final shower which would conclude our session.

yogurt parfait escort review

Personal View / Remarks
Yogurt Parfait is a standard, straight forward hotel health with all amateurs in their roster.

Play Data
Girl: Tia
Shop: Yogurt Parfait
Playtime: 60 Minutes
Price: 19,000 Yen ($167.44)
Date Visited: Dec. 2018, Weekday Afternoon

Recommended For
-If you want to the point service

Not Recommended For
-If you are look for a high class, elite escort
-If you are not comfortable showing your identification card

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