Going on a College Trip

By tns

Things getting heated at a college club

Spring is the season for students to start venturing off to college, and for those bred out in the countryside may find their new life style quite “stimulating.”

I also started University and will be joining a travel club. I thought it would be fun getting to travel around, but not only that, I don’t have to deal with formalities with upper and lower classmen. Not even one week had passed and I was invited to an outing. We're not talking about your typical event to greet newcomers here, but a trip that would last for two days and one night.

The place we would be going is a resort in the suburbs out in Kanto, crashing at a cottage somewhere in the mountains. I heard that new club members would have to pay a fee and made the decision to go through with it.

On the day, there were 7 males and 5 females for a total of 12 people. I was nervous at first but after talking with everybody, found out everyone was actually pretty nice and easy going. The problem came after this – I thought the boys and girls would be sleeping separately, but it had somehow been decided that we would all be sleeping together.

I was pretty nervous considering other than my family, I’ve only crashed with guys under the same roof. I couldn’t possibly ask for a room just for myself. Well, since there were other girls too, there was no way something strange would happen…or at least that’s what I told myself and fell asleep. But strange stuff DID happen.

I was sandwiched between two girls that I had made friends with earlier on the trip. One was my 1 year senior, and the other in the same year as I was. But 5 minutes after the light had been turned off, I started hearing rustling noises from my senpai.

“Did you hear that?”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. How about I make some naughty sounds for you instead”

It was clear that she was doing something underneath the futon. Then the girl to the other side of me said something.

“Uh, senpai? Why are you…”
“It’s fine, let’s just have fun.”

Then after the small conversation I heard the noise of kissing…wait, what?!?! I just came here from the countryside, and all of a sudden something like this happens. Mom, I don’t think I’m ready for Tokyo. Then another man randomly got into my futon. It was the leader of the club that was willing to help me out.

“Were you startled? This happens every year at our first event”
“Aaaaaaah, I was quite surprised.”
“Well, let’s skip the chit-chat and just have fun.”

With that being said, I took off my jersey.

“I can’t, no, I can’t! I’m a virgin!” the girl said.

It may have been true. You may be interested in sex, but you can’t possibly skip out on having group sex for the first time.

“You’re going to miss out on all the fun. Oh well, how about just give a blowjob then? If it’s at least that it’ll be fun.”

And she started going down on my penis; the club leader was good at this. The first penis you ever saw other than your dad’s was probably gross at first, but I’m sure you’ve gotten use to it.

While that was going down, my senpai had it going on with two other guys. If it was that good, maybe next time I’ll join in.


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