Purecos (Shibuya Hotel Health Review)

By Splash Man

Purecos is a hotel health escort provider in the form of an image club. This means they are your average health agency with the twist of adding a certain “image” or cosplay to their basic services. Some image clubs may aim for a school girl theme, and others an anime theme but at Purecos, they aim for a wide range of cosplay, including bunny girls, A*B and much, much more. They are also the sister shop of the previously reviewed Yogurt Parfait.

purecos momoka review

The Girl
Physical Appearance
Momoka is a small Japanese girl and her school girl image is exponentially magnified by the freckles on her face. Her white skin is like the frosting on top of a cupcake, has a decent sized ass and voluptuous boobies with nice pink nipples.

Momoka loves talking, especially about topics related to manga and anime. She has a cheery, optimistic attitude and is an all around nice person to be around with. Unfortunately she doesn’t like people taking off her clothes but needs help with unhooking her bra.

Don’t let Momoka’s age fool you. She may be 19 but with over a half a year of experience in sucking cock she has basically assimilated into the red light district and knows the ins and outs of how services should go. From start to finish Momoka is like a pro but still has the amateur essence – a cute, reserved feeling in her body contact mixed in with confidence and poise. While her slurpy blowjob has some flare and enthusiasm to it, there is a bit of teething.

The Shop
At Purecos you will find it to be your everyday lolicon lovers dream. They only recruit young amateurs and have over one hundred costumes to choose from, far exceeding your average 3D role playing game. If you like creating girls in MMORPGs and dressing her up with the best armor, Purecos is the real life escort provider to your fantasies.

purecos review

Friendly staff that get to the point.

purecos momoka review

Play Details
When looking for an escort provider, one of the things that makes me give them my seal of approval is the flow of making a booking, and Purecos is one of them. Booking is straight forward: tell them my name, number, girl I want, course length and time, and boom, my booking is done. No shenanigans.

Incall Office
When my appointment time arrived, I head to the incall office and found the place to be quite busy even though it was a weekday afternoon. The man in the hallway asked me if I had a booking, I told him yes, and he asked me to wait in the waiting room with two other customers not including myself.

Since they are fast paced like your typical fast food chain, everyone was called in an immediate fashion to make way to another room to meet the “cashier.” I told the man behind the counter my name and he popped up my booking details. The whole encounter took less than a minute but what I must admit was kind of lame was filling out a questionnaire that they gave me (which was all in Japanese). It reminded me of my time at Cocomero.

The questionnaire asked trivial questions such as do I want the girl to be on the offensive or be reserved? How would I like the girl to call me, master or oniisan? How many times would I like to pop? Etc. While I understand what they are trying to achieve here, especially being useful for the shy types, I found it pretty meaningless since the girl didn’t follow the script at all.

Note: You may be asked to show your identification card.

Escort Arrival
The man behind the counter then asked me if there was any hotel I had in particular and made a reservation for me. From there, all I had to do was call the shop after I entered the hotel and tell him my room number.

When the doorbell rang, I found Momoka to be shorter than I imagined. I also knew she had freckles from the pictures but it was more profound in person. For the geeky shy types, I’m glad Momoka was friendly and open so I didn’t feel the least bit nervous.

Shower Time
As usual, after some small talk, I recommended we hit the showers. I offered to help Momoka out of her clothes but she didn’t feel comfortable with it, but asked me to help unhook her bra. I then followed it up by quickly undressing myself and we made way to the shower room.

After doing over 100 reviews for Tokyo Night Style, I took the time to think and pressed at how well this shop gives service. It matched my very first experience, but just a few major differences and almost all of them turned out for the better.

The biggest and most important change is that the shop offers cosplay. Generally all health providers offer this but Purecos has over 100 costumes to choose from making your play that more rewarding, but I opted not to go for this.

The shower was for the most part, quite pleasing. I got a full body scrub down with extra attention to my penis, and was given plenty of mouthwash to freshen my breath.

Bed Play
I’m glad the play from here was entirely my choice, because what would be the point in paying for a little GFE if things didn’t go my way?

Despite the shop having everything going for it, it did have its issues. The blowjob had a little teeth scraping – it was easier for me to bust from other girls in the past but getting my cock sucked was still a lot of fun when my penis was angled properly.

It’s obvious that the shop has all young and cute girls, but Momoka was particularly adorable with special features on her face, boobies and cooch. Cuteness wasn’t all Momoka had to offer. Beneath her heart melting smile was a death machine trying to get me off.

Not once did I feel like I was missing out in the GFE because Momoka was stuck to me the whole time. From finishing her head game, she went to my nipples but still kept the focus on my cock while jerking me off.

Nearing the end game, I finished off in a missionary sumata position where Momoka did the hand driving. With her small patch of pubic hair, things were kind of prickly, but the addition of some lube helped for things to go a bit smoother.

With the timer going off, we ended the session by taking a second shower, got dressed, and was awarded with a business card from Momoka as we exited the hotel together.

Personal View / Remarks
Straight forward shop, filled with barely legal girls and an abundance of cosplay to choose from. Just mix and match your favorite girl with your favorite cosplay.

purecos review

Play Data
Girl: Momoka
Shop: Purecos
Playtime: 60 Minutes
Price: 19,000 Yen ($171.18)
Date Visited: Dec. 2018, Weekday Afternoon

Recommended For
-If you like fantasizing about anime girls
-If you like lolicons

Not Recommended For
-If you can't speak Japanese
-If you're looking for beautiful model types

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