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Shops in Osaka’s Hirakata

◯Even locals are confused about Health shops?!

Hirakata Osaka

Along the Keihan line you will find Hirakata, a bed town situated between Osaka and Kyoto. If you compare it to its neighboring city Suita, it is much livelier and in front of the station are fuzoku shops and kyabakuras. “A lot of girls from Kyoto who don’t want to be caught doing this line of work often come to this area. Osaka is also out of the question because it is too far so there are actually a lot of girls” - Scoutman

Just a few minutes’ walk from the station there are a lot of fuzoku shops concentrated in tenant buildings with gorgeous neon lights. There is one place in particular on the corner that’s still standing, going against the trends of other shops. When I looked it up on the internet, I was caught by their slogan “girls offering different services” and made a direct assault towards the area. I wasn’t at all surprised finding out the shop is a big hit, evident by all the customers.

Hirakata Osaka

”Welcome. Do you have a girl in mind?” No, I don’t and was told the cheapest course is 7000 Yen for 30 Minutes. With such a short course, it would be hard to negotiate with the girl up front. It’s generally an unwritten rule that if you go for longer courses, the girls are usually more open. That’s why I made the decision to go for 60 minutes which would cost me 14,000 Yen. After paying the fees, I was escorted to the shower.

The flow of this shop is that you shower alone and when you are done, the girl will be waiting for you in the private room. This isn’t the typical flow of service, but once upon a time in Osaka it was the norm.

◯She had small tits but was really sensitive

“My name is Y. Is this your first time here?” She was in her early twenties, what the heck was a gemstone like this doing in the suburbs? I’m probably over exaggerating but from the side she looks like Ueto Aya. “Yes I am. How did you know” “Because people usually make a reservation, but you didn’t (lol)”

The talking was kept to a minimum and we started the play with a passionate kiss. Y-chan is loves kissing and I bet we could go at it for the whole hour. “You can cum just from making out with a good kisser (lol)” she said with a smile and her head looking like it was going to melt. I touched her tits with one hand, and fingered her nether region with the other.

Hirakata Osaka

“Like I said, I get wet easily just from kissing,” she said in her Osaka dialect which I found to be really cute. I then licked her from the chest down to her groin. I must say, the dampness turned really wet like a nuru nuru massge.

“There. It feels good…”

I licked her clit while fingering her with my left hand as a present, putting pressure on her insides. From there we transitioned to 69. I fondled her ass and she sucked on my steel pipe with rapid movements. I thought she was supposed to be a masochist too.

◯From kissing to more pleasure

The play continued and I got into a missionary position. We had to be careful though, because the walls were paper thin in this private room. I could even hear the couple in the next room over. “Uhhh…ooohh” I kept pumping and her toungue would flail around with killer intent.

“It’s making sounds down there, people are going to hear us” she whispered into my ear. I later found out this girl has been the shops number and number two. That’s to be expected with someone this cute and great services.

Hirakata Osaka

Well, I was able to find a gemstone in the Osaka suburbs.


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