Escort Jobs - Make Sure to Work at a Registered and Legal Store

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"Let's bust our behinds, work hard and earn a lot of money! To realize our dreams!"
To all girls and ladies out there brimming with such feelings while looking to work part-time in a sexual service venue, today we want to share a few important points about ‘Choosing the right store’.

The most important thing is to ‘Choose a store that has duly done the procedures required by the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses’. If you don't pay very close attention to this point before applying for a position, all your hard work risks to go to waste. Do check it well and start working somewhere fulfilling.

Procedures Required by the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses

"Sexual Services Venues", like Delivery Health and Sexual Salons, are required by law to register with the Public Safety Commission before they can open for business. (In the case of Kyabakura, the specific name is "Adult Entertainment Venues", which need permission from the Public Safety Commission too).

The store owner needs to know the tenets established by the ‘Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses’, prepare the necessary documents and send them to the prefecture's Public Safety Commission. Generally, 10 days after the documents have been sent and the registration accepted, the venue in question can open for business.

Ladies who have never worked part-time in adult entertainment venues might think that they're unregulated and detached from society, but that would be a big total misunderstanding.

These venues must do business following the law's stipulations; if there are violations, all those related to the venue's business will receive heavy punishment.

What this means is, working in venues that have completed the procedures specified by the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses can be said to be extremely safe.

Eyes Open for ‘Unsafe Venues’!

On the other hand, there are venues that operate on the down low, without reporting any documents to the Public Safety Commissions. These are unsafe venues which give no merits at all to the girls working there. Even more, working there presents the risk of having unpleasant or even dangerous experiences.

For example, the very existence of such venues is a crime, so in most cases the services they provide violate the law as well. Being forced to go all the way (sexual acts involving penetration) is a classic example.

There's also the frequent case of being forced to provide illegal services while the store doesn't even pay properly; giving all sorts of reasons, the manager subtracts various expenses from the pay promised at the start: in the worst cases, the salary goes as low as 50% of the promised amount.

How to Spot Illegal Adult Entertainment Businesses

How can these illegal adult entertainment venues, with their plethora of disadvantages and not a single good point, then?

Let us look at the below list.

① ‘Certificate of Particular Business Registration’ is missing.

Venues that have duly completed the procedures stipulated by the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses receive a "Certificate of Particular Business Registration" from the Public Safety Commission as proof. It is also required to display this document in clear view, in the venue's sales office or other offices.

Let us always check if it is present during the job interview.
If it isn't, the venue is without a doubt an illegal one. No matter what excuses they will tell you, give up on working there.

② There are girls under 18 years old.

Illegal businesses do not only demand workers to go all the way, but tend to dabble in other illegal activities too. The venues who violate the law stating that "Those under 18 years old cannot be allowed to work" are such businesses.

Such venues are completely illegal. So it is recommended that you never ever accept to work there.

③ Lack of presence in job posting websites and magazines.

There are useful websites and magazines to look for adult entertainment venues job postings. The venues listed in such media are stores safe to work in.

Media that list information about adult entertainment venues generally only allow venues that presented the certificate described in point , in the great majority of cases.

Do not trust scouts of adult venues that cannot be found in job posting websites or magazines, or job postings found in online message boards.


As it is true that the world will never be free of bad people, the number of illegal adult entertainment venues will never be zero.
If you look for a venue following the points described above, however, you will avoid such dodgy businesses and find a venue safe to work with, that lets you earn solidly without trouble.

We urge you to consider the information presented above when you look for a store to work in.


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