Omoikkiri Chikan Densha (Shin Okubo Hotel Health Review)

By Cwilly

I have experience with all types of sex shops in Tokyo and one thing left for me to experience is chikan aka molestation. Chikan Densha is a foreigner friendly sex shop that provides services to customers with a train theme. Your target woman will also be wearing an eye mask and can not see your perverted face and actions, or anything you are trying to accomplish. The shop has four different locations including Shibuya, Ueno, Shin-Okubo, and Tachikawa in Tokyo.

The prices are as follow
40 minutes = 10000 yen
60 minutes = 15000 yen
80 minutes = 19000 yen
100 minutes = 24000 yen
120 minutes = 29000 yen
180 minutes = 44000 yen
Admission = Free
Photo nomination = Free
Reservation = 2000 yen
Extension 20 min= 5000 yen

Chikan Densha review

Shop Details
I decided to try out Shin-Okubo location among those areas. Going to the shop was a bit confusing for me at first and I had to end up calling the shop’s staff for directions. The directions are quite simple. First get out of the train station and make a left towards the packincho parlor. If you are in front of the packincho, cross the street and enter the narrow street next to the pharmacy Matsumoto. Trust me this won’t be long. If you reach the hundred yen shop, you are standing across your desired building. Go up the steps between two Indian grocery shops to the third floor. The room number is 305 across from Indian restaurant down the hall.

Chikan Densha review

I decided to do a walk-in booking as the staff recommended over the phone that only walk-in nominations can see the uncensored photo of the girls because all pictures on the website are filled blindfolds. When I entered the shop, the staff welcomed me in and asked a few questions about my first language, country, and phone number. Once he accepted me in, he took out a sheet of paper and explained all the rules about the services that I need to pick a love hotel and shower first and wait for the girl to play but nothing forceful. After I confirming that I agreed to the rules, he took out all the photos on the counter and 6 girls were available for me and most of them are foreigner friendly and can speak basic English. I picked a slender girl named Shiu because of her big attractive round eyes and I wanted a girl with professional experience. The manager recommended me an hour course and said a lot of first timers use that course.  After choosing the girl, he called the girl to get ready and talked about who she will be serving such as which country I was from and location. Next, I was shown a birds eye map of the hotels and gave me a 500 yen coupon of the chosen hotel and body soap along with red liquid to gargle my mouth.

Chikan Densha review

I pick the closet location which was Hotel Grand Fort. So I headed back towards the pachinko and walked in the alley next to it. I got the room with 3000 yen for 2 hr with the hookup of the manager's coupon. The hotel was big from the outside with bright lights, a large hallway and wider steps making me feel like I was in the hospital. After I entered my room which was plain and simple with a small shower, nothing fancy, and called the manager about my room number. He said “go ahead and shower and use the stuff” he gave me and wait for the girl to show up.

Chikan Densha review

Meeting Escort and Play Begins
She was so damn quick. I was still three minutes in the shower and heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, there she was with a long coat with white shirt and black skirt. She has the typical nerdy girl look that you will see behind the sales counter at BIC Camera with the exact  hairstyle of Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui gambling animation series. I didn’t remember ordering OL costume but anyway, once she got in the room, she put the timer on, turned on her small portable speaker with the loud noise of a train travelling, JR announcement on the speaker, breaking noises, wind blowing noises, you name it , it got it all. And then she put the small condom wrapped vibrator, rotor on the nightstand, wore the eye mask and held on to the white plastic hang ring of the subway that was attached to the door frame and finally said “ Hai, doozo” and stoodthere. Man, I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I was half naked and wet. The water on the back hasn’t dried yet, where I came from “no means no”, “no maybe or yes” but now I can touch, grab, squeeze and not get in trouble. I had no idea how to begin. I think she might have noticed my trouble and startedgiggling a bit until my hands went in to those tits on her white shirt between the coat collar. After grabbing those tits, one of my hands went inside her shirt, and kept going to the gap between her bra towards the nipple head and other hand went inside from the bottom of her skirt and to the main part of her panty. Rubbing her nipple and clit at the same time for a good five minutes, made her lose holding of the hand ring and leaned on to me backwards. She was not moaning very loud but I was basically carrying her half dead body and playing at the same time. At this point, I wanted some pleasure back from her. So I made her hold on back to her hand ring and unbutton her shirt, noticed those medium B cup tits with dark black nipples and then took off her skirt and panty down. I sense some red flags and trust my gut and reached for those rubber in my bag. I told her to undress herself while I was putting on the rubber. I made her get on her knee and started sucking me off. She was very small and my crotch was higher up on her head. So she was sucking my penis head like a little cow looking up and sucking his mom tits. I told her that we are going for the bed play because I wanted to feel more relaxed and have a real orgasm. I carried her and placed her between my legs and started sucking me off and that’s where her hand came in handy and started jerking and sucking at the same time and felt amazing. Guess what? She’s a lefty. Getting play with a left hand felt strange and amazing at the same time. I noticed all these sex toy sitting next to my left nightstand and might as well used them. So I plugged all these things in her vagina and used the remote control to speed up and down as much as I wanted. She was screaming as I turned it all the way up and I can even hear those vibrating sound and feel the bed shaking. We had fun until she begged me to stop. We tried sumata as well while she was in her blindfold and handcuffs. As the timer rang, I decided to finish up with the final closing play. I made her blow me again to reach orgasm and finally took off the rubber to spray all the love juice on her mouth and chin. I removed her eye mask and helped her clean up her cum filled lips with napkins. I asked her, “ How was your jaw?” She said, “accidentally swallowed some." Shower room was a bit small and didn’t think we could both can fit in so I let her shower first and I followed later, dried up, dressed up, and exited the room.

Chikan Densha review

Personal View
Delivery Health escorts always give better blow job than girls at soapland or even girls at pink salon in my mongering experience.

Play Data
Girl name : Shiu
Shop: Chikan Densha
Playtime: 60 minutes
Course price: 15,000 yen
Hotel cost: 3,000 yen at Hotel Grand Fort
Total cost: 18,000 yen
Date Visit: First week of May 2019

Recommended For:
-People who like molesting, touching
-People who like to cum in mouth
-People who like to cum on face
-People who can speak and understand basic japanese

Not Recommended For:
-People who like girlfriend experience
-People who can not follow the rules

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